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  • Answer: They would usually eat whatever they could find on a tree because bugs/insects live there and so the Woodpecker would eat things on wood
  • Answer: i am prego and well i cant take the medications that the dr told me i need to take to get rid of them i found garlic and grapefruit seed extract ( three times a day in juice)worked wonders and got rid of them but it did take lots of garlic.
  • Answer: dirt. when you bite your nails or anything there are worms. worms start from an egg then hatches in to a worm then eats all the nutrients in your body which can cause death. they can go anywhere in your body and come out.
  • Answer: Thread worms are small thin white thread like worms beetween 2 and 13 mm long. They infect human GUTS.
  • Answer: What eats human corpses are not worms, but maggots. Maggots are the offspring of flies. Dead things tend to attract flies (the stench of rotting flesh may be disgusting to us, but lovely to flies), and those flies come and eat the flesh as well as lay eggs on the decaying body. Once the eggs hatch, you get maggots, which also consume the flesh/bodily fluids of the body.
  • Answer: they are just tag worms most likely they are compleatly harmless, they already live in your intestines,but if your rear starts to get itchy go to your doctor and tell him/her and there is a pill you can take to get rid of them
  • Answer: They dig holes in the soil making it easier for the plant roots to grow. The "tunnels" created by the worm provide for faster growth, I think.
  • Answer: What i do is i take mayonnaise and soya sauce and mix the worms in there. They get reallt big and healthy make sure its not too much or your worms will change colour to yellow and everything messes up
  • Answer: egg,larve worm
  • Answer: You can use any type of worms for fishing, as long as they are alive and still wiggle. However, they may be difficult to find under your own yard. Here in America, there are actual "Bait and Tackle" shops. "Sporting Goods" outlets are a good place to check, as well.
  • Answer: actual in eye brows there is no presence of worms ,this is because worms do lives in G.I.T. of either human or any type of animal.
  • Answer: no they do not eat their poop they eat the mud so when they poop the mud i gets more nutrients when the worm digests the mud it becomes fertilizer or compost for plants. hope this helps :)
  • Answer: they will naturally add fertilizer and from burrowing and tunneling will aerate the soil
  • Answer: well they have no spine ,they can bend any way

Which worms are harmful?

  • the truth is thers no harmful worms. even they look gross and that stuff there not harmful.

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