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  • Answer: Check your owners manual. It tells you what each of your fuses goes to depending on the vehicle.
  • Answer: In M6 x 1 6g and M6 x 1 6h thread gauges, 6g & 6h are the two different tolerance class for M6 thread. Normally 6g gauge is used for without plated thread and 6h gauge is used for plated thread,(if specific criteria is not mentioned).
  • Answer: Reading the gauges can take some practice, and volumes can be said about the use of each of the instruments. I have created related questions dealing with some of the more primary instruments. Just follow the links below.
  • Answer: Checking the spark gap on spark plugs, and other small clearances
  • Answer: probably lose wires
  • Answer: Ok. Most people do not know this, but, the "on" position of the key, without the engine running, is a diagnostic point. When you do this, all of the red, yellow, or whatever color lights should all come on, telling you that they all work. All electric gauges should pin, confirming their operation. Now, when you go to the start mode, all kinds of things are happening voltage wise, so some bouncing around will occur.
  • Answer: you can find it at Alabama rooms and gardon houses... lol love April girl
  • Answer: 903-9056CALL IT!Hes HOTT!!!
  • Answer: Rain gauges can be found from a variety of places, usually in commonplace utility stores and from online shopping services. Amazon and Ebay are two primary example of online outlets for similar utilities.
  • Answer: You can buy inexpensive fake gauges at online.
  • Answer: check fuses with test light under dash
  • Answer: There are certain car gauges which are mandatory to have in a dashboard. These gauges are the speedometer, the temperature gauge, the fuel gauge, the tachometer, oil pressure gauge, charging system gauge, and odometer.
  • Answer: The gauge on the pool filtration equipment is there to indicate back pressure in front of the pump. Most of them have a section that is done in red, when the needle reaches the red it indicates that the filter needs cleaning. Otherwise when the gauge gets about two thirds up you should clean the filter. Your judgment with this will improve with time and experience.
  • Answer: No When You Turn OFF The Car Everything Is Turned Off. The Batteries, Engine, And Everything Is OFF

    Note: some cars may temporarily illuminate dashboard glow or interior lights when entering or exiting the car, or when the doors are unlocked. They usually only stay lit for a period of 10-60 seconds.

Why do gauges stink?

  • Dead skin cells get trapped between the gauge and the living skin cells. As they break down and rot they release the very distinct odor. Frequent cleaning of the gauge and the ear should reduce, if not completely eliminate the smell.

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