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  • Answer: making furniture, framework
  • Answer: Buy putting pressure on them. Like twisting or pulling the joint.
  • Answer: i know one is called a ball joint... not sure what the other one is called
  • Answer: The best way to tell if your joints are abnormal is to have x-raystaken. By looking at the film, the doctor will be able to see ifthere are any abnormalities present.
  • Answer: A finger joint is joint where a piece of wood which has rectangular shaped tails and another piece of wood which have rectangular shaped pins fit and slot in together.
  • Answer: You have joints in your spine, neck, knees, ankles, toes, wrists, elbows, and fingers.
    You joints are located in your knee and arms and neck!
  • Answer: It is where the support beams connect to the four main legs on the chair.

    Hope this helps... :)
  • Answer: Cervical Vertebrae form the 7 bones of the neck.
  • Answer: A knuckle joint is used to connect the two rods which are under the tensile load, when there is requirement of small amount of flexibility or angular moment is necessary. There is always axial or linear line of action of load.

    The knuckle joint assembly consist of following major components :

    1.Single eye.

    2.Double eye or fork.

    3.Knuckle pin.

    At one end of the rod the single eye is formed and double eye is formed at the other end of the rod.Both, single and double eye are connected by a pin inserted through eye.The pin has a head at one end and at other end there is a taper pin or split pin. For gripping purpose the ends of the rod are of octagonal forms.Now, when the two eyes are pulled apart, the pin holds them together .The solid rod portion of the joint in this case is much stronger than the portion through which the pin passes.p
  • Answer: Mitre joints are commonly used in building picture frames.
  • Answer: The Trochoidal joints permit rotational movement around a long axis as with the rotation of the radius at the radioulnar joint. i.e. ( the neck)
  • Answer: Typically, there are 2 reasons:1. To check for an increase/decrease in swelling2. To check range of motion (using a goniometer)Usualy, this is done after surgery or injury to the joint. Measurements are used to determine how well you are healing as well as how you are progressing in treatment (e.g. physical therapy).
  • Answer: It is a common myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, but it is not true. It is, however, annoying!!

What are the 10 most common replaceable joints?

  • Top three are: Knee, Hip, and Shoulder

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