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  • Answer: You may have gall stones, you should see your doctor.
  • Answer: i think you need to see a doctor
  • Answer: why is texas?

    helps to inprove that
  • Answer: one plus is medical lingo for a small positive bacteria or ketone. If we are looking for a urinary tract infection we will say if positive one plus bacteria or one plus blood with a kidney stone. Most scales read from one plus to 3 plus to too numerous to count.
  • Answer: It means that there was a small amount of blood in the urine sample. One plus would not be visible to the eye but can be seen in the laboratory.

    This can be from a urinary tract infection or kidney stone that may or may not cause you pain.
  • Answer: yellow
  • Answer: Yes after 7 weeks un-refrigerated. Urine can
    Last one full year if frozen.
  • Answer: Put it only in the toilet.(Thank YOU!)
  • Answer: kidney
  • Answer: 6.3 to 7.0
  • Answer: Yes Here ya go ya druggie... jk =) TYPICAL DRUG DETECTION/CLEARANCE TIMES Target Drug Minimum Maximum Alcohol 0-4 hours <=6-12 hours Amphetamines 2-7 hours 2-4 days Anabolic Steroids 4-6 hours Oral: 2-3 weeks / Injected: 1-3 months (Naldrolene 8 months+) Barbiturates 2-4 hours Short acting type (Alphenal, Amobarbital, Allobarbital, Butethal, Secobarbital) 1-4 days. Long acting type (Phenobarbital, Barbital) 2-3 weeks or longer Benzodiazepines 2-7 hours Infrequent user: 3 days / Chronic user: 4-6 weeks Cannabinoids (THC-Marijuana)* 6-18 hours
    • Infrequent user: up to 10 days / Chronic user:30 days or longer
    Cocaine Metabolite 1-4 hours 2-4 days LSD 2 hours 1-4 days Mescaline 1-2 hours 2-4 days Methadone 2 hours 2-6 days Methamphetamines 1-3 hours 2-4 days Methaqualone 3-8 hours Up to 10 days MDMA (ecstasy) 1 hour 2-3 days Nicotine (Tobacco)** 4-6 hours
      • Infrequent user: 2-3 days / Chronic user: 7 to 14 days
    Opiates (Heroin, Morphine, Codeine) 2 hours 2-3 days Oxycodone 1 hour 1-2 days Phencyclidine (PCP)* 5-7 hours
    • Infrequent user: 6-8 days / Chronic user: 21-28 days+
    Propoxyphene 4-6 hours 1-2 days Psilocybin (Mushrooms) 2 hours 1-3 days Rohypnol 1 hour < =8 hours GHB 1 hour < =8 hours Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) 8-12 hours 2-7 days
  • Answer: Urine is produced by filtration of the blood by the kidneys. Waste products urea, creatinine, excess electrolytes are filtered in the kidney and collect in the pelvis from which it trickles down the ureter, two tubes which open in the bladder. The bladder gradually distends and once full, it gives the urge to micturate and you pass out the urine.
  • Answer: Your urine is yellow or light yellow

    and if you drink alot of beer, it will be clear.
  • Answer: Urine infections happen for a variety of reasons. They are more common in females than in males.

    Common misconceptions are that they can be passed from toilet seats or from drinking too much coffee or tea.

    One way you can actually get them is from having unprotected sex without urinating afterward to clean your urethra.

    An overgrowth of bateria can cause urine infections. If the bacteria grows more than your natural bacterial flora (lactobacillus for females) it can cause a pretty painful infection.

What can you do with your own urine?

  • Put it only in the toilet.(Thank YOU!)

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