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  • Answer: well, health is the study of what happens in the body, and health science is the study of medicine and how it could affect the body but other than that there mostly identical
  • Answer: science is an amzing sibject because u will discover create make something that has never been make of any kind of human ang health is all about growth and your life to be normal of safe
  • Answer: yes it is
  • Answer: Health involves your total body and the society you live in. Science involves examination of its separate parts. If you have a sore throat. You know your throat is sore and is making you miserable. That is health. If a doctor looks at your throat and recognizes that it is the work of the streptococcus bacterium and that it can be treated with a particular antibiotic, that is science. He dealt with two scientific facts. Scientists learned those two scientific facts in a science lab.
  • Answer: Role-Playing game, you know only nerds play it and nerds enjoy science as well. It is a term used to describe what to do after this fun.
  • Answer: nursing, health education, physical therapy, nutrition, dentistry, medcine, public health, and respiratory therapy
  • Answer: because usesless hobos eat s**t.
  • Answer: In Europe typically 6 years of University
  • Answer: The difference between science and health is science defines our needs to life and health is a specific need we must understand and need to live.
  • Answer: Health is the comparative state of bodily functions, organs, and systems. It may refer to the metabolic processes of any living thing, or metaphorically to the well-being of an ecosystem as a whole.
    Health is the general condition of a person in all aspects.
  • Answer: I will have a bachelors in health science degree, what knid of work can I expect to look for while I go on to further my education?

    I think we got the short end of the stick on this one. Its pretty much useless by its self, its a stepping stone degree for graduate school. For like a MD or DO or even a MBA in health care, or maybe even psychology. But just by itself it looks useless, i graduate very soon with mine and im depressed about it. If anyone knows of any jobs let us know otherwise id say just a low admin job at a hospital at that.
  • Answer: Is the Health Science Institute a Scam? Is taking Sleeping Aidssuch as Ambien more deadly than smoking? I have a severe case ofInsomnia and have had it for years and been to dozens of doctorsfor it and most of them put me of drugs like Ambien along withKlonopin. I still struggle with sleep! I have tried every naturalsleep aid I can find and none work at all! Does anyone have anysuggestions?

Definition of health science?

  • It is usually defined as a set of applied sciences applying portions of natural science or formal science, or both, to develop knowledge, interventions, or technology of use in healthcare or public health.

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