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What education or training are required to become a midwife?

  • you need to be good with children and people and be kind thats all i can say chic

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  • Answer: you need to be good with children and people and be kind thats all i can say chic
  • Answer: You have to take courses in English, Math, and Science. You need 4 years of Undergraduate Premedical, Post Secondary Education, and a Bachelors Degree.To be a pathology all you need to do is to be sick (or dead).
    To be a pathologist, first you need to be a medical doctor.
  • Answer: Of course it would have to depend on what field in the healthcare industry you are going to go to but there are some fields out there that does not require training. Like pharmacy technicians for example, some of them used to just get an OJT and they are good to go before. The good news is that you can also opt for online training programs for most medical/healthcare fields like medical transcription and medical billing and coding.
  • Answer: In high school, take science and math courses, any psychology courses they offer and then apply to college. You will need an undergraduate degree before applying to medical school. Any extracurricular jobs with children or camp counseling would increase your practical knowledge of children.
  • Answer: in Scotland you can start taking a midwifery course at the age of 17 but in England you have to be 18
  • Answer: Training is required to ensure that a job or task is completedproperly. Without it, people would not know how to properly dothings.
  • Answer: A lawyer must first attend an accredited law school, where he orshe earns a juris doctorate. Next, they must pass the BarAssociation exam for the state in which they wish to practice.
  • Answer: for training dummy
  • Answer: Undergraduate degree, usually in psychology but not necessary and a medical degree.
  • Answer: To be in the National Football League, you need at least 15 years training in being a jerk.
  • Answer: yes because this will help you later on in your job and life
  • Answer: None. You become a juror by becoming a registered voter. Then you may be choosen randomly by the courts. After you receive a letter stating you have been chosen for the county that you registered in (which you have to be a resident), by law you have to show up or it would be a crime, unless you have a ligitamate excuse (not a resident, active military, elderly, have served on a panel within the past 3 years, ect). You show up on the given date and time, then you are asked a variety of questions by both sides and you may not know anything about the case or know the partys involved, which then you will be told if you were chosen or not.
  • Answer: The undergraduate degree that one chooses does not matter in order to be a radiologist (or any other type of physician for that matter)--he or she must simply take the appropriate premed classes, graduate from college, and be accepted into medical school. The classes one must take to get into medical school are the same no matter which kind of physician one wants to be. Generally, the premed requirements consist of a year of biology, a year of inorganic chemistry, a year of organic chemistry, calculus, english, and a year of physics. (Check with a premed advisor to make sure that these have not changed). Many people applying to medical school major in any of the sciences, but this is not a requirement.
    Once in medical school, all of the classes and rotations are the same for everyone until the fourth year, when elective rotations can be taken. You would need to apply to radiology residency programs during that year of medical school and then complete a radiology residency (tpyically 4-5 years).
    Hope this helps!
    the grades you need for being a radiology is a c or above in science and other subject.
  • Answer: education what are the requirements