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  • Answer: Most of the time when you are playing a sport your adrenaline is pretty high and that is kinda like energy but not the exact same
  • Answer: Lovem rainbows, and packmules
  • Answer: Your mums hair
  • Answer: food gives us enrgy by digesting itself and turning into sugar to use witch is short term energy but if you dont use it it become fat witch is longer energy to use
  • Answer: well every piece of food gives you energy but the main piece of foods which give you energy is carbohydrates and that is food like bread pasta and cereal ect.
  • Answer: Low calory diet crap. That stuff is usually just toxic in one way or the other.
  • Answer: energy is how your best friend can talk with your mother in an inappropriate way

    1- sleeping with here
    2- making out
    3- taking care of you
  • Answer: If you mean that by eating chicken, yes. This is because they contain protein and proteins are a source of energy like carbohydrates and are responsible for growth of cells.
  • Answer: 1. moving water such as river
    2. moving turbine such as those found in power plants
    3. moving object such as vehicles
    4. rotation and revolution of the earth
    5 . walking and running
  • Answer: Any moving object produces kinetic energy. Some examples are:

    • A ball rolling down a hill slope.
    • A roller coaster moving.
    • Water flowing in a river.
    • Swinging.
    • Going down a slide.
    • A ball bouncing.
    • A batsman hitting a ball.
    • A yo-yo in motion.
    • A car moving.
    • A rocket in motion.

  • Answer: no it does not give you much energy in fact my doctor said that carrot gives you less energy than anything like fruit or vegetables.
  • Answer: if you want to get that answer 1 is turbines and refrigarator 2 stove and microwave 3 frezzer and fridge 2 electric fan
  • Answer: yes. increment will be around 10 to 15% max i beleive. but not yet given
  • Answer: for humans, food supplies the body with necessary molecules that make the body function. in the case of energy, humans get their glucose from consuming photosynthetic organisms such as plants. the body then breaks down the glucose in a process called cellular respiration. This process produces ATP, which is the molecule that animal cells use for energy.
  • Answer: Junk food slows you down and healthy food gives you more energy and bad food has sugar which wrecks teeth

How does water give you energy?

  • Well, our body is made 70% of water so we need it to stay alive.

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