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  • Answer: The difference between personalized wine and regular wine is simply that either the wine, the label, or both were made special order by someone, or it is just a regular bottle of wine purchased at a store. Personalized wines and wine labels are popular for weddings.
  • Answer:
    • Wine glass containing wine is less stable than an empty wineglass because winecreates a high centre of gravity, thus it islikely to topple over.
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  • Answer: Wine glass containing wine tends to create a high centre of gravity which makes it less stable,so it is likely to topple over.
  • Answer: Still wine has no bubbles sparkling wine also know as Champagne does.
  • Answer: White wine have a less carbohydrates and a few less calories.
  • Answer: He adds no sugar to the grape juice in the process of fermentation.

    Adding sugar to the unfermented grape juice is called chaptilisation and is used to increase the final alcohol content of the wine. To make a dry wine the winemaker will allow the fermentation process to continue until all the sugar has been converted to alcohol.
  • Answer: a full bodied red
  • Answer: There are different types of sweet wines. Ice wine and mascotto or muscat are 2 types of dessert wines. Ice wine is mostly from Canada and northern part of Main. Muscatto or muscat can come from all over the world. A German Riesling can depend on the wine maker and when the grapes where picked as to how sweet it will be. In my oppinon thoes or the best sweet white wines. There are sweet reds too.
  • Answer: Unfortunately, this question is too broad to answer. Reds and whites each run the gammet of dry to sweet. A white Muscat will have a higher sugar content than a red Cabernet Sauvignon, but a red Merlot will have a higher sugar content than a white Sauvignon Blanc. There must be a specific varietal comparison to help you find what are are looking for.
  • Answer: According to me, there is no substitute for Maderia wine, as theyare Portuguese. But if you are looking for other red wines or whitewines, you can trust (online store). I preferpurchasing from them as they stock wines from across the globe andsource them from notable vinyards.
  • Answer: Older wine tastes better than new wine because the older wines have had a chance to ferment and as a result the sweetness of the wine increases. Another reason could be that they have been ages in barrels and have absorbed some of the oak flavor.
  • Answer: Thomas Jefferson promoted the appreciation of wine.
  • Answer: In my estimation, the "best" (however you determine that quality) red, sweet wine would be "Soft Red" by Oliver Winery in Bloomington Indiana. Although "best" is very subjective, no one I have ever introduced this sweet wine to has ever come away unimpressed. They also make a "Soft White" that serves quite well on its own. Not available everywhere but typically very reasonable in price where it can be found. Try it, make your own determination
  • Answer: Sad to say but most wine coolers today are now Malt beverages, also know as beer, due to the lower tax on beer.

Can wine cause alcoholism?

  • wine has alcohol. it can cause alcoholism just as beer and liquor can cause alcoholism. If you look at it from a genetic aspect, then technically wine cannot make someone more prone to alcoholism, but if you are genetically predisposed to alcoholism then yes, wine could trigger the alcoholism just as beer and liquor could.

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