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  • Answer: Drinking and Driving is bad for you because it can effect you and anyone else around you, and it is against the law. many people have died becuase of it,so its best not to drink and drive.

    Your reaction time slows considerably and you cannot think in a normal manner.
  • Answer: never!not usually a good idea.
  • Answer: It varies from state to state, but most of the time I believe you get thrown in jail. You might also get a fine.
  • Answer:
    should you ban drinking and driving

    No, you should the drink down before driving.
  • Answer: First of all it is against the law and to drink and drive means heavy fines, jail time, court costs, and to have your car impounded. Do it often enough you can lose your license and the car. Next, it kills people. In one recent event an 18 year old and her friends decided to drink and drive. She ended up causing a bus accident which killed 6 people as well as herself. Does that sound like fun?
  • Answer: Most states in the country allow insurance discounts for taking a defensive driving course. It is up to each individual insurance company how much that discount will be.
  • Answer: In England and Wales, it is illegal to have an open bottle of alcohol in a car in motion, let along anyone drinking it. In the U.S. it can be illegal to drink in a motor vehicle that is not in motion.
  • Answer: "Who is affected by drinking and driving?" a much easier question would be "Who is not affected by drinking and driving?". They answer to your question is everyone. by drinking and driving you put everyone at risk. if you crash into someone then you need to go to the doctors and make sure there is nothing wrong with you. if there is something wrong with you there is a massive price you may have to pay depending on what happened. there is the cars that were involved in the crash that the person who was drinking will have to pay for which could total out to be a huge chunk of change that you need to bring out of nowhere to fix all the vehicles. then there is the people in the other car/cars that were ruined in the crash. if the person who was drinking needs to pay for the medical bills of all the other people in the crash. then the family of the person who was drinking and driving would be very disappointed and will try to do anything for that not to happen again, but also the family of the persons who were hurt also. they will be outraged that someone who was drunk was driving and happen to ruin the lives of their loved ones. so when drinking and driving there is nothing good to come out of it. so the simple answer to your question is "Everyone".
  • Answer: It affects people very much. When you drink while driving, your brain goes crazy and you just loose your mind. It can also create a big caos.

    When a drunk driver has an accident because they are impaired they can kill innocent people.
  • Answer: depends on the state ,but im almost for sure its a misdemeaner..

    could be a felony to a person with a criminal background.
  • Answer: arrive alive, dont drink and drive. or stay alive, dont drink and drive.
    or , drive hammered , get slammered.

    hope this helped :)
  • Answer: You should avoid drinking. If you are going to drive in the next 48hours.
  • Answer:
    you should not because you can get in car wrecks and some people get the tension to kill other people
  • Answer: It is illegal to drive while impaired, but rarely illegal to drink and drive unless impaired. It is sometimes illegal to drink WHILE driving even if not intoxicated.
  • Answer: It dipens what state your talking about anyways lets pretend your talking about here UNITED STATES OF AMERICA so the answer would be 1,09873654653476636
    and awhole lotta more ofcoarse!!!

How many teens die from drinking and driving?

  • 100%

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