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Is black ice a drug?

  • Its crystal methanphetamine.

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  • Answer: Its crystal methanphetamine.
  • Answer: Not all drug dealers are black

    They are only represented thatway in the movies and by the media, I supose they have their reasons.
  • Answer: I might be wrong but I think that one is marijuana..
  • Answer: the man you had last night
  • Answer: No, black lightsd mainly detect body fluids, even if theve been wiped off or cleaned.
  • Answer: absolutely not. if that where to happen the pharmacist would loose his/her license to practice medicine and could be sued
  • Answer: The National Drug Code number of the drug is included is this section of a drug monograph

    Answer: How Supplied (page 42-45)
  • Answer: yes, but if they dont find a drug; they dont have a reason to test ur peice. remember that.
  • Answer: "Normal" tire use on a road does not leave enough residue behind or allow the residue to stay still long enough to accumulate a black surface above the concrete. Do a burnout with a vehicle and you will see in that situation that large amounts of tire are left on the ground.
  • Answer: i feel that carmel complected guys are very sexy
  • Answer: Black gums in dogs is not unusual, nor should it cause you toworry. Sometimes dogs have black patches on normally pink gums, butyour only cause for concern should be if the gums turn blue orgray, indicating a lack of oxygen.
  • Answer: A:
    The Hebrews were a West Semitic people, with olive brown skin andhigh noses; there never were any black Hebrews.

    The Black people of America, often known as African-Americans, aredescended from Africans, generally West Africans. Africans are notrelated to Hebrews.

    Jewish answer:
    There were no black Hebrews.
    Just as today, Israelites came in differing skin-tones, heights,and body-types. Our tradition is that the twelve sons of Jacob (the12 Tribes) were not completely similar to each other in appearance,though none of them was really dark-skinned (Rashi commentary onGenesis 12:11).
    Abraham himself came from Western Asia, and since Jews haveintermarried very little in the last 3800 years, he probably lookedlike Jews today.
    Also, the Israelites did not mix (have sexual relations) with theEgyptians (Rashi commentary, Numbers ch.26).
    DNA studies have shown that Africans are not related to Jews. DNAtesting of Jewish communities worldwide has shown that they are allinterrelated and of Middle Eastern genetics, not African orEgyptian.
    In 2000, the analysis of a report by Nicholas Wade "providedgenetic witness that Jewish communities have, to a remarkableextent, retained their biological identity separate from their hostpopulations, evidence of relatively little intermarriage orconversion into Judaism over the centuries. The results accord withJewish history and tradition." Meaning, unsurprisingly, that theJews are who they say they are, present and past.
    The only exception to this is the Ethiopian Black Jews, who showonly a trace of DNA connection to other Jewish communities. Westernethnologists today hold the view that the Jews of Gondar (Ethiopia)either emerged from a Judaizing strain among Ethiopian Christians,or were converted by Yemeni Jews who crossed the Red Sea. A studyby Professors Lucotte and Smets has shown that the genetic fatherof Beta Israel (Ethiopian Jews) was close to the Ethiopiannon-Jewish populations. This is consistent with the theory thatBeta Israel are descendants of ancient inhabitants of Ethiopia, notthe Middle East. Hammer et al. in 2000, and the team of Shen in2004, arrive at similar conclusions, namely that the DNA of theEthiopian Jews probably indicates a conversion of localpopulations.
    It has been estimated that this happened some 2,000 years ago.
    And in America:
    The beliefs and practices of those who have named themselves BlackHebrews vary considerably. The differences are so great thathistorian James Tinney has suggested the classification of theorganizations into three quite distinct groups.
    Some of these groups are actually Christians, or part-Christians intheir beliefs and practices. They have names such as Church of theLiving God, the Church of God and Saints of Christ, and theIsraelite Church of God in Jesus Christ. Others profess beliefscloser to Judaism, such as the Commandment Keepers.
    As Judaism sees it, the issue with their claims of ancestryis that they can produce no generally-accepted evidence of actualSemitic ancestry. These groups created themselves spontaneouslywithin recent history, from within the wider African-Americanpopulation.
    Any African-Americans who do choose to become Jewish through properconversion are accepted into Judaism.