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  • Answer: I believe that you are referring to a civil suit? This is an action by one person or entity (company, partnership, etc) against another, for money damages or some other kind of equatable relief (an injunction, cancellation of a deed or contract, etc).
  • Answer: you know what my dad has type 2 diabetes and the type one is way way way worse. type one can kill you but when i was three my dad had type 2 diabetes and it is OK and did you know if your mom or dad had diabetes you are at risk of getting type 2 so say your dad or mom has type one diabetes you are at risk of getting it but if your mom or dad had type 2 diabetes you are at risk of getting type 2 - hope this helped alot
  • Answer: Type one is normally diagnosed in early age.
    It is controlled by insulin injections as the pancreas is unable to produce insulin.
    Type two is normally diagnosed in later life.
    It can be controlled by diet alone, medication in the form of tablets. or it can be controlled by insulin injections.
    Both types can prove to be fatal if not controlled properly.
    It is thought to be at epidemic proportions, as there are possibly millions of un diagnosed diabetes sufferers in the world.
    The test for checking is literally a one minute test,
    But that test could save your life.
    In the UK, most chemists will offer a free test.
  • Answer: Neither is "more serious" they are just different. Type one, formally known as juvenile onset generally occurs before a person is very old. These types of diabetics are completely insulin dependent and cannot take any oral antidiabetics. They take insulin injections or are on the insulin pump. It cannot be solely controlled by diet and they are not predisposed due to obesity. This type is generally genetically linked, although it can be caused by autoimmune diseases.

    Type two usually occurs later in life. Often these people suffer from obesity and high blood pressure. Often these individuals can get rid of their diabetes through drastic lifestyle change- losing weight, quitting smoking, eating healthy. They can take oral antidiabetics as well as inject insulin if needed. This type, unlike type one, is both curable and preventable.
  • Answer: in type 1 dibeties patient can suffer from high and low sugar levels.but on the other hand type 2 dibeties can make a person look fat. it converts most of our food in fats. in type 2 dibeties the person is suffered from very very large weight.
  • Answer: it can either run through the family or can be caused by age or weight.
  • Answer: Type 2 diabetes is also known as Life Style Related Diabetes or NON-INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES because it is only treate with oral hypoglycemic agents. Diabetes Mellitus
  • Answer: Yes, there is type 1 diabetes. And there is type 2 diabetes. One is hereditary and the other you get from eating food high in sodium or lack of excercise.
  • Answer: Type 1 diabetes is a result of the body not producing insulin at all or not enough insulin. The cause or reason as to why you get it is unknown although it can be partly genetic. Type 1 diabetes was once called Juvenile Diabetes because it occurs at younger ages than type 2.
  • Answer: Yes, there are 4 different types of diabetes they are all different. There is: type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, and diabetes insipidus.
    Type 1 diabetes is seen mostly in children, this is when the pancreas secretes no insulin. Type 2 is when the pancreas secretes insulin, it is just not enough. Gestational is similar to type 2 but only occurs while a woman is pregnant. Diabetes insipidus is different it has nothing to do with blood sugar, although it may cause excessive. In diabetes insipidus the body has a problem secreting the ADH (antidiuretic hormone) this causes a person to become thirsty all the time and want to urinate frequently. A person with this is at risk for dehydration.
  • Answer: Type II Diabetes is an insulin resistant disease.
  • Answer: Treatment for type 1 diabetes is insulin injections, blood sugar testing, and moderating diet.

A recipe to suit a person with type 2 diabetes?

  • semen helps the body produce more insulin therefore helping sugar levels

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