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  • Answer: Three; urethra for urine, vagina for menstrual fluid and birth canal, and anus for bowel movements.
  • Answer: depending on the size and location of the hole you can buy a puddy like product from most auto stores the you plug the hole with that dries solid if the oil pan has more than a few holes i would get a new oneget a rebuilt pan from napa it could cost you
  • Answer: Holes is a great film but the bad thing about it is that the book is not very good. It OS meant to be a childrens bok and a chldrens film but the writing in the book is too small and there are too many pages in the book. The film is a great one and i havent even seen it all. I have seen about 1 and a half hours of it.
    Stanley Yelnats- The name Yelnats is Stanley wrote backward. The family curse.
    They all belive in it exept Stanley and veryone says its a bag of rubbish.
    Stanley Yelnats.....
    Love you all. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • Answer: like a baby
  • Answer: So their souls can escape their tormented, deeply rooted prison. Or some idiot shoots holes in it with a gun.
  • Answer: yes you can you can use a butter nife and why would u need to cut AZ hole in it?
  • Answer: Your feet wear holes in them when you step.

    ^ Bad answer. True, some socks will have holes from the feet wearing the socks down. But, and this applies to everyone, most of your socks will have holes in order to put your feet in them. Haha, get it? I hope so.
  • Answer: the bondo was wiped to thick try laying a thinner layer
  • Answer: The hole in one at the Open Golf was his 14th.
  • Answer: Yes because a insect could have got into the fruit and infected it so if you eat it you could become serously ill . so i would throw it away .
  • Answer: Define holes? You have two ear holes, two eye holes, two nostrils, mouth, ureter and anus. And then women have another one.
  • Answer: Is there a difference between tonsil crypts and, tonsil holes? If so what is it?
  • Answer: Sinkholes are from underground rivers/water run dry, ive been told this is a first sign of a drought, but when the wayer runs dry, the land that was being held up by this water then collapses under its own weight, its basically
  • Answer: Pretty much. Ecstasy is so powerful that each pill renders little parts of your brain unusable.

How many holes in a female vaginer?

  • Vagina has only one hole below the urinary opening.

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