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  • Answer: To get rid of dead/infected/damaged cells, prevent spread of infection and to get as many immune cells to the affected area as possible so the problem can be resolved quickly and efficiently. It is essential for health - it is why if you whack your knee it becomes hot, swollen and red to get lots of blood and immune cells to the area and becomes painful and swollen to stop you moving the area so much, to reduce further damage while it is healing.INFLAMMATION IS YOUR FRIEND!!
  • Answer: Inflammation is fairly a normal process on healing for the body soit benefits those with wounds and cuts that needs healing. It is anormal mechanism of compensation of the human body.
  • Answer: When inflammation starts there is presence of swelling, redness,pain, decrease in function and the area of inflammation becomeswarm or hot to touch.
  • Answer: its an std(sexually transmited disease)..thats all i know sorry
    its an std(sexually transmited disease)..thats all i know sorry
  • Answer: Pharyngitis (not pharynigitis) is inflammation of the pharynx(think sore throat).
  • Answer: Redness, Heat, and swelling. on the rite of the inflammation. accompanied by pain at times.
  • Answer: The heating during the inflammatory process is the response ofvascular tissues. The heating process is a protective attempt bythe vascular system to initiate the healing process.
  • Answer: Inflammation is the reaction you get when the immune system gets to work eliminating unwanted organisms or materials in a certain area. Usually if there is a problem with some type of organism or with unhealthy cells or material in a given place in the the imune system will have ways if dealing with it and destroying the offending materials while the body repairs the damaged area. inflamation in the case of Rheumatoid arthritis is however another story. In this situation the immune system mistakenly sets about destroying cartilage in joints of the body leading in turn to furher harmful chemicals being created that damage and destroy ligaments, muscle and bone.
  • Answer: Blood rushes to the site of inflammation so as to supply immune cells to fight the source of inflammation. This causes an increase in heat at the site.
  • Answer: The pain is caused by the pressure or swelling on the nerve endings, The irritation of the nerve endings is caused by chemical mediators that are presented at the site. One of these is bradykinin.
  • Answer: There are 5 cardinal signs of Inflammation:

    1. Pain - the inflamed area is likely to be painful, especiallywhen touched.
    2. Redness - this is because the capillaries are filled up withmore blood than usual
    3. Immobility - there may be some loss of function
    4. Swelling - caused by an accumulation of fluid
    5. Heat - as with the reason for the redness, more blood in theaffected area makes it feel hot to the touch

  • Answer: I have plantor fasciitis and need to know what inflammation tablets I can take
  • Answer: Nephritis is the inflammation of the kidneys. The tubules,glomeruli, and interstitial tissues can also become inflamed when aperson has this condition.
  • Answer: The immune system causes inflammation when there is an infection so that more materials can reach the infected area.

What is an inflammation of the membrane?

  • Basically, swelling of the membrances in the body. The symptoms ofwhich are redness, swelling, increase in temperature, decrease infunction, and maybe some itchiness.

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  • Answer: Basically, swelling of the membrances in the body. The symptoms ofwhich are redness, swelling, increase in temperature, decrease infunction, and maybe some itchiness.
  • Answer: Well, if you stabilize lysosomal membranes, this makes it moredifficult for the harsh lytic enzymes (enzymes that break thingsdown) contained within the lysosome from coming out. These enzymescan be very damaging including to our own cells.
  • Answer: Irritablity is the ability to respond to stimuli and convert it to nerve impulses. Conductivity is the ability to transmit that impulse.
  • Answer: Inflammation is sometimes referred to as swelling. Some indicationsof inflammation include fever, redness or localized heat and cansometimes be an indication of infection.
  • Answer: Can a hot tub cause an infection by forcing the water under a toe nail that has been effected by an unusual nail that has grown very thick and rounded? What would be the medication for it?ThanksShurm
  • Answer: The condition is called Hordeolum, Stye or Chalazia. It is the infection of the upper or lower eyelid caused by blocked oil gland which results into inflammation.
  • Answer: The other name for inflammation is swelling. Inflammation isusually accompanied by redness and pain and can be treated withanti inflammatory medication.
  • Answer: There are too many conditions that inflammation could indicate tolist them all. You could have a broken bone, an infection, anallergic reaction, or some other more serious disease.
  • Answer: Alcohol, viruses, and parasites are the three most common.
  • Answer: The diet in the developed world has skewed the intake of Omega6--the inflammatory fat--in proportion to Omega 3--theun-inflammatory fat--from a natural 1:1 to as high as 20:1! This iswhy one sees so much supplementation here; because Omega 3 costsmore, it has been depleted from the food supply.
  • Answer: Inflammation is the way the body heals or responds to an insult. The insult could be a wound/cut, bacterial infection, fracture of a bone, chemical or heat burn, etc. Inflammation is a complex chain of tisue responses usually endeding in resolution or healing. One of the first results of inflammation is to proveide a protactive wall around the problem, then white blood cells ( neutrohils) are attracted to the area, the neutrohils respond a a defense army. This army is ablle to gain assistance from other white blood cells as required and is "in touch" with the bone marrow to order more assistance and production of further white cells and" supplies". Pus is formed by the white cells eating or ingesting the toxins and this is the waiste pruduct, which is disposed of in the lymph system or as in the case of a "zit" or pimple may erupt to the surface of the body and be epelled in that way. resolution of inflammation occurs with complete healing of the body and the return of the white bllod cell count to normal levels.
  • Answer: It may be a sign of danger in the body but it can also be a sign ofrecovery. It is a normal compensatory mechanism in the body as away of responding to stress or trauma or anything not within thebalance of the body.
  • Answer: Inflammation itself does not have types. It could be a blister froma burn, that inflammed part surrounding a wound or an injury of thejoints leading to swelling of it.
  • Answer: Usually pain in the effected area often followed by redness if the inflammation is near the surface of the body in joints for example around an infection on the skin. heat, The affected area can feel hot as a result of the increase of blood flowing through it which will also make it look more red.