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  • Answer: Marie H. DeGraffenreid
  • Answer: she was the first black women to earn a phd in chemistry
  • Answer: The song was composed by a man named Franz Schubert around 1825 when he was 28 years old.
  • Answer: a princess :)
    a really nice friend of mine <3
  • Answer: a girl that loves flocka
  • Answer: Lisa Marie is not dead. She is 42 years old as of February 1, 2010 and is living in London with her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, their twin daughters Harper and Finley, and her two children from her first marriage, Riley and Benjamin Keough.
  • Answer: In short, the French revolution was to overthrow the monarchs,because the bourgeoisie had enough of the luxurious and privilegedlives of the royals and nobility. The revolutionists wantedeverybody to be equal. So they fought to overthrow their royals andto rid themselves of the "tyrants" (their monarchs, who were infact far from tyrants).

    Marie Antoinette was the last Queen ever in France. Since thenFrance has had an emperor (Napoleon Bonaparte), some Kings in name(so not really Kings at all) and eventually Presidents.

    Marie Antoinette was an Austrian archduchess and since the Frenchhad been at war with Austria for ages, her mother and King Louis XVdesigned this marriage to be a political statement: peace. She wasused as a political pion. The French already hated her before sheset foot in their country, just because she was Austrian. She wasliterally pamphletted to death by vicious rumours. (a smallexample: the sentence "let them eat cake" was never uttered by herat all!) the example at that time was the Affair of the Necklace,something which she had absolutely nothing to do with.

    Marie Antoinette was not part of any suppression of the Frenchpeople. She should have been exiled to her home country of Austria.
  • Answer: She had 4 children with her husband Louis XVI:
    • Marie Thérèse (20 December 1778 - 19 october 1851)
    • Louis Joseph (22 october 1781 -- 4 June 1789)
    • Louis Charles (27 march 1785 -- 8 June 1795)
    • Sophie Beatrix Hélène (9 July 1786 -- 19 June 1787)

    Marie Thérèse died of pneumonia;
    Louis Joseph died of tuberculosis;
    Louis Charles died of tuberculosis (and the causes of abuse);
    Sophie Beatrix Hélène died of tuberculosis.
  • Answer: Yes, Marie Osmond belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which is more commonly known as the Mormon church.
  • Answer: She was found guilty and was sentenced to die. There was little effort given to the concept of defense and no appeal could be granted. To give the Committee of Public Safety any recognition as a body of law is a disgrace. It was a mock trial with a predetermined conclusion.
    Some had considered the possibility of exiling the Queen to some remote wilderness like Boston or Philadelphia for life, but a living Monarch was considered to be a threat to the Revolution.
  • Answer: The Mary Rose was an English Tudor (Henry VIII) carrack warship and one of the first to be able to fire a full broadside of cannons. She sank on 19 July 1545 but the wreck has been discovered and excavated. The surviving section of the ship was raised in 1982 and is now on display in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard along with an extensive collection of well preserved artifacts.
  • Answer: Marie Osmond is Mormon.
  • Answer: Marie Digby gained fame by covering songs that were popular bynumerous well known artists such as Linkin Park, Lady Gaga andNelly Furtado. She had amassed over 120 million views on YouTube,gaining attention from numerous artists like Jay-Z.
  • Answer: She was Austrian, a country that France had been in war with for years. The French did not want a foreigner on the throne, especially not an Austrian.

    Also, even before she came to France, the revolution was already smouldering because of the financial disasters of Louis XIV and Louis XV which they caused to the national treasury. France was already almost bankrupt when Marie Antoinette stepped in the picture, and because the French needed someone to blame it all on, and she was Austrian, she was the perfect victim. The people tried to make all of France believe that she had no concern for her people, spending money on wigs and dresses and throwing wild parties while the population was starving and desperate.

    The people did believe it, although she was completely innocent and killed her and her husband, destroying the whole French monarchy and the French credibility all around the world for as far as the French had that anyway.
  • Answer: Yes, she was. 3rd November 1755 at the Church of the Augustine Friars, the traditional church used by the court. She was given the names Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna.

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