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  • Answer: 3 major types of diseases that affect humans:
    1- inflammatory
    2- metabolic
    3- neoplastic
  • Answer: the major types of street crime are as follows:

    car theft

    shop robbery

    fighting / gangs

  • Answer: Diagnosis report which come through pathology report. prescriptionsheet which come through physicians. Discharge letter which comethrough hospitals.
  • Answer: goals, inputs, processes, outputs, feedback
  • Answer: computer based communications (i.e. email and the 3G network) is the only one I can think of. . .

    Written and verbal
  • Answer: 1 Comparative and Historical Research,2 Biographies ,3 Pattern of Crime Research,4 Cohort of Study5 Surveys6 Observations7 Analysis of Official and Unofficial Records8 Experiment9 Mathematical Model and Econometric Technique10 Combining Research Strategies
  • Answer: Some examples include bone, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, adipose tissue, and blood. There are many more.
  • Answer: It includes: Market liquidity, Central bank liquidity and Funding liquidity.
  • Answer: There are variety of Travel Insurance policies that might cover Medical Illness, Evacuation, Lost Luggage, One country, Multiple countries , Lost Credit Cards and Luggage.
    There are also Packages for different duration.
  • Answer: local federal
  • Answer: the major types of credit market instrument is follow mortgage,lease,and bond and also con tine on debt
  • Answer:

    1 Comparative and Historical Research,
    2 Biographies ,
    3 Pattern of Crime Research,
    4 Cohort of Study
    5 Surveys
    6 Observations
    7 Analysis of Official and Unofficial Records
    8 Experiment
    9 Mathematical Model and Econometric Technique
    10 Combining Research Strategies

  • Answer: Three Major Types of Term Life Insurance Term life insurance provides protection for a specified amount of time (or term) and pays benefits only if the individual dies during that period. Term policies can be sold in terms of number of years like (1 year, 5 year, or 10 year) or in terms of individual�s age (term to age 50, or term to age 65). There are three basic types of term insurance:Level term insurance- provides a level amount of protections throughout life of the policyDecreasing term insurance- provides protection in which the amount gradually decreases throughout the life of the policy. This coverage is typically sold for individuals that want to protect family members from current liabilities such as a mortgage. As the mortgage is paid off the need for the higher payout upon death is reduced therefore this coverage decreases not only the payout upon death as time goes by but also has lower premiums.Increasing term insurance- As you may have guessed this policy is the opposite of decreasing term insurance. In this form the protection gradually increases over the life of the policy. Generally the idea here is to keep pace with inflation or cost of living expenses.
    Briefly, the three major types of life insurance are:

    • Level term life insurance where your premiums remain the same during the entire term period
    • Annually renewable term life insurance where the premiums increase each year of the term.
    • Return of Premiums (ROP) term life insurance where at the end of the term the sum of all premiums paid are returned to you

    Term life insurance is the best choice for people who would like to pay low premiums but provide high insurance coverage for their family. Before deciding on the type of term life, you should consider factors like renewability privileges, waiver of premiums factor, etc.

What are the three major types of clouds?

  • Cumulus, Stratus and cirrus.

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