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What size scalpel blade often used to perform minor surgery?

  • size 15

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    1. Make absolutely certain that the saw is UNPLUGGED!

    2. Are you SURE the saw is UNPLUGGED???

    3. Open the guard and place a small piece of wood into the teeth of the blade so as to hold it in one place.

    4. Use the flat wrench which came with the saw or a box wrench of appropriate size to unscrew the bolt which secures the blade to the saw motor shaft. This bolt is probably a "left hand thread". Meaning it unscrews in the opposite direction from normal bolts (Remember "Leftie Loosie, Rightie Tighty? Reverse that)

    5. Carefully lift the blade away from the saw motor shaft after catching the unscrewed bolt in your fingers.

    6. Place the replacement blade onto the shaft, making sure that if there is a diamond shaped metal insert there, that it fits the shaft. Some blades have inserts, some do not.

    7. Tighten the bolt back onto the shaft remembering that it is a Left-Hand Thread and tighten in the opposite direction of a normal bolt.

    8. Tighten the bolt firmly, but not "too tight"

    9. If the bolt is too loose you will know it when you attempt to saw as the blade will slip. Just re-tighten the bolt at that time after unplugging the saw prior to using the wrench on the bolt again.
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