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  • Answer: iron, found in:
    red meat
    How much iron in each food?
  • Answer: Anemia means a low level of red blood cells, which carry oxygen. Mild anemias generally produce no symptoms but more severe anemia can cause shortness of breath, fatigue, and dizziness.

    Causes include:

    Increased loss - Usually bleeding is obvious. Vaginal bleeding (menstrual) can be significant enough to cause anemia and bleeding into the stomach an intestines can go unnoticed. Trauma patients with a fracture thigh can bleed significantly into the muscle. Certain conditions can cause the red cells to burst within the blood vessel causing no visible bleeding (abnormal hemoglobins such as sickle cell fall into this category).

    Decreased production - The most common reason for this is low iron, often caused by low level bleeding and occasionally a poor diet. Other vitamin deficiencies and diseases can also do this.

    Factitious - If the total body fluid is up or the tourniquette is left on too long when drawing the blood fluid can dilute the red cells despite having a normal amount.
  • Answer: Not usually, but if left untreated, of course.
  • Answer: a bacterial infection or iron deficiency or genetic disorder
    deficiency of erythorocytes (red blood cells)
    Lack of ironHeavy periods (in women)Eating disorderPregnancyLeukaemiaCancer
    it can cause losing red blood cells
    lacking iron compounds, and red blood.
    Iron deficiency
  • Answer: If you really feel lazy and constantly tired and easily exausted.
    You can avoid this by consuming Iron which can be found in chocolates and a few other dairy products.
  • Answer: The name holds Latin roots. An- means without. Hema means blood. Basically, Latin gives the basic definition of Anemia. Without Blood.
  • Answer: what a concidence i am anemic as well, but anyway what to eat and what not to eat, just eat high protein bars and pray about it, I recommend to drink boost chocolate milk. and yeah just eat protein bars and drink boost, dont worry your appetite will grow! and eat fattening foods too eat salads and stuff like that, and eat meat too. but yeah dont eat anything that says low fat or any thing that says that you will help you lose weight that you shoud DEFIDENTLY avoid. Sodas are recommended too, yeah i changed it you are supposed to eat salads because anemia is caused from lack of vegetables.
  • Answer: It makes you tired and weak

    Anemia can also make it easier for you to bruise, and weaken your immune system.
  • Answer: Ask your doctor and he will test you. Schedule an appointment immediately if you have many of the following. The most common symptoms are:
    • Easy fatigue and loss of energy
    • Unusually rapid heart beat, particularly with exercise
    • Shortness of breath and headache, particularly with exercise
    • Difficulty concentrating
    • Dizziness
    • Pale skin
    • Leg cramps
    • Insomnia

  • Answer: If you have anemia, try to get more iron in your diet or take iron vitamins.
  • Answer: Yes, Anemia can be a bad condition if you have a very bad case of it, as it is when your body is lacking in red blood cells or they break down easily, depriving you of Oxygen.
  • Answer: Anemia is a very bad condition as Anemia is a condition that means your body is very lacking in red blood cells. You need red blood cells to live as when you breath in Oxygen, the red blood cells in your body gather the Oxygen and carry it to different parts of your body, keeping you breathing and your organs functioning.
  • Answer: Well you should go see your doctor for some medication and you have to eat a lot of iron
  • Answer: Another name for anemia is called Iron Deficiency.
  • Answer: Anyone can get anemia, but is most oten affects teenagers, growing children, both men and women over 75, and women who are of childbearing age

Why is anemia caused?

  • by hemoglibin fails.

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