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  • Answer: The interpretation of depressed ST segments depend on the location, as well as the medical history. A list of causes, though, are:Ischemia (lack of oxygen to certain heart tissues)Myocardial infarction (heart attack)Hypokalemia (low potassium)Normal variantEnlargement of heart ventriclesMedication effect of Digoxinand more...
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  • Answer: left atrial contraction... the right atrial contraction is hidden by the left cause the left atria is bigger.... if the P wave is negative or m shaped or biphasic it could indicate that the right atria is larger than the left and thus you have right atrial enlargement. Which could indicate a problem with the right side of the heart or lungs.
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  • Answer: Abnormality can be due to abnormal heart rhythms or cardiac muscle defects.
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How do you tell a paced wave form on an ecg?

  • in paced hearts, the ecg shows a sharp spike just before the qRs orR wave and the R wave will usually be widened if the ventricle isbeing stimulated directly. Similar to the appearance of the R wavein patients with complete heart block.

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