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What is the difference between acute ulcerative gingivitis and herpetic stomatitis?

  • difference bt chronic n acute gingivitis

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  • Answer: Mainly fusiform-spirochete... but also Bacteroides and Selenomonas species
  • Answer: cuse if it was not used that means u dont have an family
  • Answer: Acute PEM = PEM that is new
    Cronic PEM = PEM that has been happening for sometime and will continue to happen.

    What is PEM
  • Answer: acute injury = immediate effect, often easy to accurately relate cause of effect.
    overuse injury = due to increase frequency, difficult to accurately relate cause of effect
  • Answer: canker sore
  • Answer: treat constipation
    use green leafy vegetables
    use fiber in food contains
    adequate rest
    regular exercise
    diet should be full of vitamins and minerals
    plenty of water etc.
  • Answer: yes. There are patients that has allergic reaction in the denture base which is made up of acrylic. The most common cause of stomatitis venenata is dental and cosmetic preparations.
  • Answer: Acute cerebrovascular disease is the hardening of the arteries thatsupply blood to the brain. A cerebrovascular accident is when astroke occurs due to a blood clot in the arteries leading to thebrain.
  • Answer: ulcerative colitis is a inflammatory bowel disease specially of large intestine or colon.

    and is the worst disease you could have :@
  • Answer: Ulcerative colitis is inflammatory bowel disease affecting the colon (large bowel) and gives rise to diarrhoea with mucus and blood
  • Answer: your gums may be sore, inflammed, bleed easily when brushed, bad breath
  • Answer: lo.Hello.

    Full Abstract Substantial advances have been made in our understanding of HSV and genital herpes. The molecular biology of viral structure and function and the pathogenesis of infection have been elucidated to a large degree, and epidemiologic investigations, based on reliable type-specific assays, have been done. Diagnostic techniques have been refined, and the value of therapy has been defined. Currently, management strategies for pregnant women and their neonates are based on data rather than hypothesis, and rational counseling is feasible. The next major advance in the field would be the availability of a safe and effective vaccine, the development and investigation of which is being pursued vigorously.
    Thank you.
  • Answer: A painful infection of the finger, caused by herpesvirus and often accompanied by lymphangitis and regional adenopathy.
    Whitlow is an infection.Whitlow: Fingertip soft pad infection. It has the following sytmtoms. Swollen fingertips, painfull fingertips, fever, tender elbow lymph nodes, tender armpit lymph nodes, swollen armpit lymph nodes. It is caused by bacterial fingertip infection, Herpes simplex virus fingertip infection. It can be treated in the following ways. By using antibiotics, antiviral ointments and oral antivirals.More information can be gathered at the following website Maluga Ice Tonata, Hochland Park (Windhoek)