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  • Answer: Just about any seed will sprout with the right conditions.
  • Answer: Seeds are dispersed in several different ways, depending on the species of plant.
    Many seeds are scattered by the wind, (dandilion seeds).
    Some simply fall from a plant and began to grow where they land, (acorns).
    A few are even spread in the droppings of animals who eat the plant, many species of peppers, for example, are spread by rabbits.
    As a side note rabbits are not affected by capsaicin, which is the chemical that makes peppers taste hot.
  • Answer: you have to believe its there!
  • Answer: In the center (the black area).
  • Answer: Online: Amazon (usually 3rd-party sellers) have 5lb for $12.2. eBay sellers 5lb start at $14.99. Re-check for current prices. Other websites have them as well.

    Locally: Any health food store (Whole Foods, etc) with a bulk section should have wheat seeds.

    It is for making food, but buy it and then look online for ways to sprout them: soak for 8-12 hours and then remove water, rinse the seeds and remove water from the rinse, wait 12 hours and then place in planter and cover it. Every 24hr water and put back the cover so it is dark inside. Eventually grass lifts the cover, and that is when you remove it so it has some light and turns green. It takes 8 days.
  • Answer: Many local markets have them mostly in Australia and in the UK
  • Answer: It depends what kind of seeds.
  • Answer: ittle quills
  • Answer: I saw catnip seeds in Whole Foods Market
  • Answer: sunflower, seeds, peas, corn, beans, wheat, oats, and rice
  • Answer: Yes. you can usually buy them at gardening stores in fair sized bags.
  • Answer: sunflower seeds
  • Answer: Yes
    Sesame seeds are loaded with powerful antioxidants: IP-6 (AKA: Phytate; one of the most powerful antioxidants yet found, and one of the most potent natural anti-cancer substances.Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the bodyLinseed also known as Flaxseed contain Lignan which is a chemical compound found in plants that is a powerful antioxidant. Flaxseed oil contains one of the highest concentration of lignan known
    Nuts which are a form of seed have a wide range of antioxidants etc etc
  • Answer: yes pineapple have seeds

How do seeds differ?

  • From different seeds

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