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Is it possible to have ponds in a cave?

  • Sure. There are natural pools and streams created by the water that made the cave in the first place.

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  • Answer: Sure. There are natural pools and streams created by the water that made the cave in the first place.
  • Answer: Around 40,000 years ago.
  • Answer: Most ponds made by man are very simple affairs compared to the real thing. About the only thing they do have in common is water.
  • Answer: I fish in non stocked ponds find a place you think fish would be and fish ?
  • Answer: well there are three ways to do so
    1. return to door
    2. dig
    3. use escape rope
    remember that this is a very loose answer
  • Answer: i don`t know but what i do know is that it has something to do with the sky.
  • Answer: Cave paintings are paintings on cave walls and ceilings, and the term is used especially for those dating to prehistoric times.Cave arts are paintings found on ceilings and cave walls , andoften refer to paintings of prehistoric origin.
  • Answer: According to, the best site for anything having to do with slang terms, a bro cave is a place for guys to relax together. (
  • Answer: 2.7miles
  • Answer: i think that the cave people were very lucky to have someone by their side when they were painting and fighting.
  • Answer: It is the mirror
  • Answer: you have to go to special episodes and find bidoffs wish then finish that and it should be on adventure mode
  • Answer: The purpose of cave art was most likely the ancient peoples way of recording events. It also was probably used for storytelling. As there was no written language when the paintings were done, cave paintings were their way of recording things.
    It is also believed by scientists that cave paintings were part of a hunting ritual. Ancient people believed that if an animal was painted on the walls, and then they went off to hunt, the animal would come off the wall, creating more game to hunt. As many people point out, the animals are extremely detailed, but the humans seem almost sloppy. This might have been their way of preventing the creation of humans off the walls.
  • Answer: Yes