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  • Answer: It depends on the shed type. A wooden shed with wooden roof may not be appropriate to grow a plant at all. Most appropriate are vinyl garden sheds or at least vinyl coated sheds. You need good water insulation to avoid corrosion and water penetration inside the shed. The plants should be light and have short roots. Grass, some flowers, ivy - those are the plants I can recommend. It really depends on the type and the quality of the shed.
  • Answer: Please see the Related Links for more info.
  • Answer: A bean plants grows in much the same way that any other plant does.It is planted in soil, watered, and given sunlight.
  • Answer: It depends on the plant, some love sun, others shade. Hosta, for example, loves shade, and thrive with no sun at all. Typically those plants that do well on shade have large leaves, allowing them to get more light for photosynthesis without actual sun. Sun loving plants including most vegetables and fruit trees will have a hard time in shade, and grow long, leggy thin branches as they try to get to better light.
  • Answer: no it will mess it up
  • Answer: Its because in Peru and Bolivia and such its legal and its the highest paying crops they can grow but they still work for pennys on the dollar for their work and risk there lives to do so to feed their families
  • Answer: they probably were storing them because seeds are edible, and then plants grew. this is an opinion question though.
    hope it helps!
  • Answer: Yes,baking soda does help to grow a plant.It helps to grow a plant because the baking soda has some chemical that fertilizes.

  • Answer: That would depend on the plant. If it is a plant that is used to cold environments, then the melted snow will provide it with water. However if the plant is used to colder environments, the melted snow would probably be too cold and kill the plant (if the pre-melted snow has not done so already).
  • Answer: A bean plant can grow up to 14 or so feet. You will have to use atrellis or other item so the plant can grow up. The trellis doesnot have to be as high as the actual plant.
  • Answer: "It is legal to grow a catnip plant. It grows like a weed by throwing seeds in the garden. The seeds can be purchased from Home stores such as Home Depot, or Lowes."
  • Answer: No because the chemicals in baking soda would kill the plant.
  • Answer: dont know thats waht i am trying to find out

What plant does vanilla grow from?

  • Vanilla is derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla (making it the only fruit bearing member of the orchid family) which was originally native to Mexico.
    Vanilla planifola, Vanilla tahensis, and Vanilla pompona are the three major variants and are grown around the world in Madagascar, Reunion, etc (Bourbon Islands), Tahiti & other South Pacific Islands, and Central/South America, respectively
    Vanilla plant!

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