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Can you have a miscarriage while being 3 weeks pregnant?

  • yes,miscarriage is a great risk of a 3 week pregnant woman.

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  • Answer: yes,miscarriage is a great risk of a 3 week pregnant woman.
  • Answer: Drink your eight glasses of water to avoid dehydration and lay down and rest for a few days. It may simply be implantation bleeding, but see your doctor to be evaluated.
  • Answer: Not necessarily. It is not uncommon to "spot" a little, especially that early in the pregnancy. If you continue to bleed in amounts similar to your normal menses it could be indicative of a miscarriage. Consult your OBGYN MD or midwife.
  • Answer: no that does not mean a miscarriage, but you should take it easy and consult your doctor, if you are under a lot of stress that could cause it, and no sex until you see your doctor,, just take it easy
  • Answer: If I was you I would ring your GP or if you find this difficult ring NHS direct for advice (be prepared to wait for a call back). Miscarriage is a very difficult time for any woman and there are people you can talk to like British pregnancy advisory service or the Samaritans. Dont go through this alone and try not to worry. Take care.
  • Answer: Yes, this is very normal after having a miscarriage. It can takeseveral months for your body to get back to normal.
  • Answer: I think it is similar to a heavy period.
  • Answer: After 7 weeks you have to have a surgical abortion at a clinic. I suggest you contact a clinic. See related link below for more info.
  • Answer: Im so sorry to hear of your loss.
    I had a m/c 3 weeks ago on 4/12/11
    I was 7weeks, 3 days along, I started bleeding on 3/12/11, meant to be 10 weeks at this point.

    I was allowed to go home but strangely the doctor had me sign a form to sign myself out of their care incase anything happened to me they would hold no responsibilty, only differency going home was the fetous cant be examined by the nurses if it came away naturally during the night (by examining i mean they confirm it was the fetous, they dont test tfor problems unless you have had 3 miscarriages)
    Doctor said chance of haemmoridging was highly unlikely and theyd give me a tablet to take before i left hospital to hurry it along, went back to confirm all had gone with a transvaginal scan. (it had - only little clot left) told id bleed for 1 week. stopped after 4 days. I am now having lots of early pregnancy symptoms including hiccups, one breast larger than the other and has little spots around my aerolas plus all typical symptoms. im thinking its got to be one of two things, either tissue is still inside me or im pregnant again so make sure you get a scan after all the clotting stops afterwards. i am leaving it til end of first week in january and if preg tests keep showing negative i will go to hospital for scan.

    I have wanted to be a mum for a few years now (having sex once a month and didnt have a clue when i was ovulating but was over the moon when i found out i was pregnant. i couldnt face ANYONE for the first week, second week i visited work/mum, went shopping and started to feel so much more positive. the way im looking at it is my body has never been used to pregnancy hormones etc so it rejected it because it didnt know how to deal with it but now if i was to fall pregnany again it would recognise these hormones so therefor wouldnt reject it, either that or ther was something wrong somewhere, most early miscarriages are caused by the cells not matching up, mayb down syndrome and Im not very religous but I truly beleive God would not give us what we couldnt physically/mentally handle, that baby will eventually come, same baby, just a different time.
    My doctor said I could try as soon as I stop bleeding, no need to wait for a period. if your body isnt ready to get pregnant again then it wont.
    She also said alot of doctors say this, even in my hospital that you need to wait for two reasons, dating of the baby but with scans these days dating the pregnancy is no problem! Also it is to make sure mum2b is emotionally ready or physically and emotionally. makes the patient easier to get along with - especially a hormoanl pregnant one! So after that advice i thought, im not going to wait to make their jobs easier, especially at a time where all women are much more fertile after a m/c!

    I am sorry this is so long, I wanted to put in as much info as possible.
    I hope you stay strong, everything happens for a reason.

    any comments/questions would be welcomed!

    baby dust to all ttc a 2012 baby!
  • Answer: Miscarriages can occur at any time during a pregnancy, even in the third trimester. A good friend of mine has had five miscarriages all during the second trimester (13-26 weeks).
  • Answer: take a test anyway......... rule out pregnancy, if your test is negative and you have a bad taste in your mouth it could related to your digetive system or a dentistry problem. it is not uncommon for women to bleed regularly throughout a pregnancy.hope eveything will be ok x