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Is hot tap water safe to drink?

  • No, never drink hot tap water, but cold tap water is actually really healthy for you!

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  • Answer: Neither unless it is processed and cleaned. Unclean water should not be drunk.
  • Answer: No, never drink hot tap water, but cold tap water is actually really healthy for you!
  • Answer: depends on your level of activity, oveiosly the more you sweat the more water you need to take in.
    I believe that the maximum the average kidneys can filter though is 23 liters pre day. You DO NOT want to drink this much though as it will damage your kidneys. Research kidney function to find out how they work.
  • Answer: Yes, it is basically safe to drink. Tap water in Japan is treated with ozon or chloride. Amounts of chemicals used in treatement vary according to the quality of the water sources. Tap water in mountainous areas (ex. Nagano pref) where small amount of chemical is needed, is particularly famed for its "sweetness". The water gets tastier recently in Tokyo where use of chloride in treatement is mostly replaced with other method such as ozonization. In rare cases tap water can taste bad when the pipeline in the building gets rusty or the water tank of the building is badly maintained, for example the lid of the tank is moved open, letting everything from the sky to drop inside! In such cases boiling the water to have a cup of green tea might be a better option compared with just drink it directly from the tap, but just go find a bottle of water at a ubiquitous convenience store. For some (particularly elderly) people in the country, tap water is believed to cause an obscure long term health hasard due to chloride-derived carcinogenic compound such as tryhalomethane and other chemicals and buy drinking water at the supermarket where water treatment machines said to remove such chemicals are installed. However, at least accute hasard such as epidemics of infection or incidents of heavy metal poisoning is almost unheard of for 30yrs.
  • Answer: If your water is naturally soft it is perfectly safe to drink.If your water has been softened by a "water-softener" it contains sodium ions as a byproduct of the softening process. Having an intake of this much sodium in your drinking water could be detrimental.
  • Answer: no , because bacteria builds up on the sides of the toilet and can contamient the water
  • Answer: Yes it is completely safe to drink.
  • Answer: It depends on where you are. In major cities like Beijing or Shanghai, which are very modern and industrialized, the major hotels and businesses have safe drinking water, as do most of the homes of the middle and upper class. The problem is out in the rural areas, or where poor people live. In such places, there may not be a modern system of plumbing, nor a way to filter the drinking water to remove bacteria and pollutants.
  • Answer: No, but it is safe to breathe. It would just be oxygen.
  • Answer: Only if you want to have a horrible time. Even my ex, who was Peruvian but had lived in the U.S. 10 years, did not drink the water when we were there. Bottled ONLY. No ice (made with tap water).
  • Answer: NO. You should buy water from shops.
  • Answer: As a general rule, NO
  • Answer: That all depends on where it was bottled and what source was used.