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  • Answer: That is a very stupid question!!!Think logically, you are adding something to your body, the weight that is added will add to your existing weight.If you mean what are the long term affects then you need to rewrite your question!
  • Answer: Income affects food choices in several ways. If you are poor andstruggling to make ends meet, junk food and/or fast food is oftencheaper than healthy fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Inaddition, many struggling people live in what are called "fooddeserts," areas of town in which there are no grocery stores thatsell healthy food (just convenience stores that tend to sell junkfood).
  • Answer: Whatever mother takes in - food, steroids - goes in some form to the foetus (baby) through the umbilical cord. So food and substances that can harm should be avoided.
  • Answer: It does in the aspect of the brain to not get the nutrition itneeds to function. although junk food slows you down so it isharder to focus because your body is exausted since its not gettingwhat it needs to be ready to go every day.+++
    I would not argue with that but I would also counsel examining yourlife generally. The exhaustion can also be due to, for example,something as obvious as depriving yourself of sufficient of bothsleep and physical exercise.
  • Answer: Plastic Wrap keeps your food fresher for longer periods of time because it keeps air out. Exposure to air can make your food rot faster.
  • Answer:
    • Junk food can produce myriad health problems and lead to diet related diseases.
    • Junk foods can cause fatigue (lack of energy) and sweet junk foods can damage your teeth. Junk foods often contain chemicals that can negatively affect your physical and mental health and your sense of well being.
    • Junk foods contain too much sugar or too much salt. This can negatively affect your health both in the short term and the long term.
    • Junk foods can lead to weight gain and obesity.
    • The true reason for eating junk food is that is tastes good to many people. However, junk food should only be eaten in moderation because it can seriously damaged your health. This form of food can be high in sugar, sodium, additives, hydrogenated fats (trans fats), artificial colors, etc. Some junk food is worse than others.
    • In addition, junk foods also consist of refined (processed) carbohydrate. Refined (processed) carbohydrates are a major cause of weight gain, obesity, and many diet related diseases. For good health and well-being, these foods should be strictly limited apart from the occasional treat. If you are unsure what refined processed carbohydrates are, please see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

  • Answer: Most food that is unsafe is unsafe because of bacteria. Be it E-coli, Salmonella, Botulism or others, it causes the body to experience vomiting, abdominal pain, headache, very loose bowels, dehydration, even death.
    Some foods that are unsafe have toxic molds attached typically causing similar symptoms as bacterias, but may include joint pain.
  • Answer: A lone bottlenose dolphin swam into the harbour at Tory Island
  • Answer: yes the scientific method says
  • Answer: What you eat affects your physical health because it directly contributes to weight, cholesterol, and digestion among other things. And those things are all linked to other aspects of your health as well. Some of which are the biggest factors that contribute to heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and obesity, the leading causes of illness in the United States. In a some way or another what you eat affects every aspect of your physical heath.
  • Answer: factor effecting on food spoilage
  • Answer: Some spoiled foods are harmless to eat, and may simply be diminished in quality. But foods exhibiting certain types of spoilage may be harmful to consume. Uncooked or under-cooked animal flesh that spoils is typically quite toxic, and consumption can result in serious illness or death. The toxic effects from consuming spoiled food are known colloquially as "food poisoning", and more properly as "foodborne illness".

How does food affect your life?

  • eat too much it will make u fat; too much sweet food your sugar goes high; too much spice your blood pressure goes high

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