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  • Answer: Physicians Mutual offers a wide variety of health, life and retirement products. From a health insurance standpoint, the Company offers Medicare Supplement insurance, as well as a variety of other supplemental products that are intended to supplement other coverage you may have. Physicians Mutual also offers long-term care insurance, dental coverage, life insurance and annuity products. The Company does not offer major medical coverage. For additional details, the number to call is 800-228-9100.
  • Answer: Yes, osteopathic physicians earned the Doctor of OsteopathicMedicine degree (D.O.) after completing four years of medicalschool. Like all medical students, after finishing the first fouryears of medical school, most DOs go on to obtain residencytraining in a teaching hospital and earn board-certification intheir chosen medical specialty.
  • Answer: This person needs to have a Healthcare Proxy. This is someone who will make ONLY their medical decisions, and is court appointed. Usually the court will appoint a family member. A person who is under arrest still has the autonomy to make their own medical decisions, Only a person who is incompetent (determined by the court), or who does not have capacity (determined by a physician) can NOT make their own medical decisions. If you wish to become this persons health care decision maker, you need to seek the necessary forms to become their healthcare proxy (most hospitals have the forms or should at least be able to tell you how to get them).
  • Answer: Capitation method is the one provide member directed toward preventive care.
    Afters health provider identify hi/her list of people to be saved is his/her duty to make sure that the group do not become sick so that he will save more and earn profit.
    In capitation health provider visit the member to the home place to know the life style of the member and provide health education to reduce the risk of become sick
    In the US, this was the paradigm that enabled the development of Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO). Capitation is just one payment model for HMOs. Others use provider payment models that more reward health maintenance and preventive care than the allopathic approach of traditional models which more treats disease and symptoms rather than promoting healthy lifestyles and preventive medicine. The allopathic models generally pay the providers by "fee for service" (so the monetary incentive is to do more...the more you intervene and treat, the more money you make.) This encourages unnecessary treatments and testing. Total health care is often referred to as holistic care and many HMO models do promote and encourage holistic care as an approach to preventive care and wellness.

    In the UK, they use a nationalized plan for care that is also holistic and preventive. They use payment models for their providers of healthcare that encourages wellness and health and rewards the providers based upon measures of the health of their patients.
  • Answer: Buy on Amazon...Great for trekking through the Amazon.
  • Answer: Kaiser Wilhelm II died from a lung embolism in 1941. He was thelast Emperor of Germany from 1888 to 1918. When it was apparentthat Germany would lose the war in 1918, he abdicated the throneand left Germany. He was born in 1859.
  • Answer: Kaiser Motors was created in 1945.
  • Answer: Germany did not have a Kaiser in 2008.

    The last German monarch was Kaiser Wilhelm II who abdicated in 1919 following the end of the Great War.
  • Answer: World War 1
    the answer is the spanish American war is good ok.
  • Answer: No they do not they are not a abortion clinic.
  • Answer: oakland, ca
  • Answer: The opposite of "kaiser" in the Austrian or German monarchy would be kaiserin but is more often expressed as empress.
    The term kaiseress was rarely and informally used.

What plan allows members of kaiser permanente medical care program to seek medical help from non-kaiser physicians?

  • health maintenance organization (HMO)

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