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What equipment do radiologists use?

  • Computed Tomograpy Scan, Chest Xray machine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammogram.

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  • Answer: Computed Tomograpy Scan, Chest Xray machine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Mammogram.
  • Answer: Hertz Equipment Rental provides a wide variety of rental services. These include construction equipment, aerial equipment, safety equipment as well as the trucks and trailers that would be expected from a vehicle rental company.
  • Answer:
    the science dealing with x-rays or nuclear radiation, esp. for medical uses. the examination or photographing of organs, bones, etc., with such rays.

    the interpretation of medical x-ray photographs.
  • Answer: The type of equipment that Boyce Equipment sells would be military trucks and truck parts. Axles, wheels, frames and tops are just some of the parts they sell.
  • Answer: $200,000-$600,000

    It depends on where you work at and how busy your are and it also counts on what type of radiologist you are.
  • Answer: yes, they are a specialized group of docters.
  • Answer: Yes! My girlfriend and I just took a graduate medical physics course titled, "Radiation Biology" in the physics department. We are both chemists. This course was taught by four professors: a chemist, a biologist, a physicist, and a medical physicist.

    Radiation causes all types of chemistry to occur. In our bodies radiation, such as gamma- or X-rays can cause the production oxygen radicals or superoxide radicals, which then react with anything in the vicinity--hopefully tumor cells. This is just a small example of the types of reactions that can occur.
    Also, simple x-rays are based on principles taught in chemistry. I relate taking an x-ray to taking a transmittance reading on a spec 20--Where transmittance is the ratio of the intensity of light transmitted through a medium over the initial intensity of that light. There are many more examples. Hope this helps!
  • Answer: umm im guessing radios
  • Answer: To do CAT scans and MRI scans on people so you can diagnose them with a disease
  • Answer: Some can. It depends on the nature and recency of the conviction.
  • Answer: an interventional radiologist is a doctor who diagnoses diseases and performs procedures such as angio plasty

    they get paid alot
  • Answer: I am the 3rd most revered radiologist in the world. In undergrad I was a pottery major with a ancient world history minor, and I went on to Berkley to study Theramin after that. My only background in radiology is a radio operations class I took at WHUS, a radio station in Storrs, CT. A monkey could be a radiologist.
  • Answer: At max around $600,000