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  • Answer: There are a number of things that would cause you to gag for noreason. Smoking is one of the main causes as the lungs are affectedand are not able to take air as required.
  • Answer: to make people going in good way
  • Answer: i take the reason of god cuz he is the best
  • Answer: it isnt really a bad thing to ejaculate for noi reason, it is just a part of human nature. it simply means you are thinking of sexual stuff durin the day/night, because when you think of sex/intimacy then thats when you ejaculate, but no , it isnt a bad thing at all
  • Answer: Reason is the ability of comprehending, inferring, or thinking, and the use of logic. It is otherwise known as the intellect.
  • Answer: If it happened to girls it could be a sign that the first period is nearby
  • Answer: this question does not give enough information for a proper answer. who ever wrote this question please revise it.
  • Answer: It means that during that time, you went along with whatever you thought was right. It was encouraged that you didnt follow laws and what not if you didnt think it was fair or if it would benefit you.
  • Answer: People are motivated by different things. Family members canmotivate people, as well as money. When managers know whatmotivates people they can get more work completed in a day.
  • Answer: A host of reasons can cause a sperm count to lower. Tight clothing,aging, cancer, and hormonal imbalances can all be the cause.
  • Answer: In a more general way, God was said to have created each human individually. Human life is sacred (related to the sanctity of life) as we are the children of God, and brothers and sisters amongst one another.

    These teachings applies mainly to abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity, Judaism).
  • Answer: Generally, failure is occured due to unconsious feeding of formwork during casting of slab.
  • Answer:
    • one may be loved and rewarded
    • one feels achievement an satisfaction
    • the devil gets angry

  • Answer: There is always a reason, it could be that the person would like a relationship with you but is too shy to speak to you or it could be that the person is jealous of you, (jealousy makes one nasty) or it could be that the person is just a bully in which case you have to report him/her to the authorities, that is if your country has laws against bullying. I would not suggest that you take up a metal bar and give this person a liberty as that would also constitute assault in some countries but at times it could well be the answer.
  • Answer: what was the reason for pop art to start?

What is the reason one would use car wraps?

  • Car wraps are used for two purposes, advertising and protection, autobeschriftung is used to promote any brand or event etc. and you can simply use colored or transparent car films to protect your car against scratches and UV rays etc.

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