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How can you prevent vandalism to your car?

  • you can say that your a cop so on one would dare to paint it

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  • Answer: you can say that your a cop so on one would dare to paint it
  • Answer: they could by putting that person in jail because its abd enough for you to write on someones property but some of the things that they would write is ridiculous they would find the most dirtiet thoughts to write and it a lot of money that people would have to find to fix their property that others have damagedmost dirty*bad*im sorry about the words that i messed up
  • Answer: Some, yea. Vandalism is VERY harmful.
  • Answer: minutes from latest parish council meetingCriminal Damage - 12reported incidents 13/12/06 = racially aggravated damage to window at Beechfield Rise 17/12/06 - damage to motor vehicle at The Grove 23/12/06 - damage to motor vehicle at School Avenue 27/12/06 - damage to motor vehicle at Victoria Terrace 01/01/07 - 5 motor vehicles damaged in Linden Terrace 01/01/07 - racially aggravated damage to window at Church Street, Coxhoe 14/12/06 - Damage to motor vehicle in Front Street, Quarrington Hill 25/12/06 - damage to window at Steetley Terrace
  • Answer: Vandalism is believed to have started back in the year 455 duringthe enlightenment. The Germanic people were involved in destructionof various items.
  • Answer: broken windows, keyed cars,spraypainted buildings/property, expensive repairs or replacements, ect.
  • Answer: The conclusion of vandalism can mean severe consequences for thevandal like stiff fines and maybe even jail time. Long as theperson or business vandalized has insurance on their property thenthey will cover the cost of damages.
  • Answer: grafiting playing loud music into the night breaking in smashing car windows etc these are all things that cover vandalism!
  • Answer: No. Vandalsim is an offense that is codified in the statutes of the indiviual states. There is no federal law addressing this issue.

    They are trying to reduce it but they get bored at the weekend like everyone else.
  • Answer: Cause You are the FOUL THE WALL THAT SOMEONE PAINTED
  • Answer: Twice as much as today (2010) as the Teddy boys and girls were in full force
  • Answer: Vandalism is typically a misdemeanor charge. However, if the damageis severe and the damage is at least $1,000, the charge can becomea felony.
  • Answer: The effects of vandalism certainly would include the expenses to the victims of cleanup, repairs or replacement costs, refinishing surfaces, loss of business during any shutdown, wasted time and energy, a feeling of discouragement overall, and a possible feeling of disrespect for all youth, because of a few "rotten apples", just to name a few. however not all youths are to blame. it can sometimes be the grown up twats!

  • Answer: youths are not causing vandalism, it is the people with NO brains that are coursing vandalism