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  • Answer: When you are feeling like you are ready to fao and sit down or lay down.That should make you calm and remember to drink water lots of it.
  • Answer: to prevent fur loss just buy an exact shampoo or conditioner to prevent fur loss.

    or pre-empt by shaving it all off.
  • Answer: Hepatitis A is a communicable disease spread by oral transmission through contaminated water and food and personal contact with infected person and preventive measures include pure drinking water, clean food and personal hygeine.
  • Answer: Polio is a virus. if you have that virus there is no stopping it unless removing it from the body. Polio could be prevented on the other hand by getting a vaccine thus making it not a hazard for not many people to have it(:
  • Answer: Don;t dislocate it in the first place!

  • Answer: One way to never display alcoholic symptoms is to never drink.
    I believe Alcoholism is considered by the American Medical Association to be a chronic disease, like diabetes. Check their web page to see what they say about alcoholism.

    People I know who have recovered using the Alcoholics Anonymous recovery program tell me that alcoholism to a three part disease; a) physical, b) mental/emotional, and c) spiritual.
    Apparently, when an alcoholic drinks alcohol, it triggers an involuntary allergic reaction. For alcoholics, the reaction is an irresistible physical craving to drink more alcohol. That is why they keep on drinking beyond normal amounts of alcohol.

    For more about this, you can read the book "Alcoholics Anonymous".

    My recovered alcoholic friends tell me that if someone has to count how many drinks they are having (trying to prevent getting drunk, again) , has ever passed out, blacked out, driven drunk, repeatedly drank more than they wanted to, or has a distinct personality change when they drink then they might already be, or may be becoming an alcoholic.

    On the other hand, the Jude Thaddeus Program ( appears to be the most effective approach to alcohol dependence and alcoholism in the world. It is a research project operated by the Baldwin Research Institute, a New York State not-for-profit organization owned by taxpayers.

    Independently-conducted research has established an overall success rate of 63.5% for the Jude Thaddeus Program. This compares to a success rate in the range of 0-20% for conventional programs. Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) reports a success rate lower than 5%. Research also indicates that no treatment at all has a success rate of about 30%. This suggests that traditional programs are less effective than doing nothing.
  • Answer: The best way to prevent silicosis is to wear a mask that filters out tje silica particles anytime you come into contact with silica dust, like in a stone quarry, or when cutting glass.
  • Answer: Simple.

    1. exercise
    Run, Lift weights, play a game. BE ACTIVE

    2. Eat Right.
    Go easy on the snacks
    3. i lift 270 and im only 13
  • Answer: The best way to avoid getting sick is to wash your hands. Doing this will protect you from illness-causing microbes. Other obvious ways are to stay away from people who are sick and to dress appropriately in low temperatures.
  • Answer: The easy way to ensure preventing any business conflicts is by building a solid communication channels and utilize them for that objective
  • Answer: Be busy ...and think about the reason why to stop your mannerism and be calm
  • Answer: The best way to prevent germs is to bathe daily along with washing your hands frequently throughout the day. Also it is always good to avoid unsanitary objects and locations.
  • Answer: Eat less fatty/high cholesterol foods, stop smoking and exercise regularly.
  • Answer: Apply mosquito repelants, remove stagnant waters in your houses...because if they breed YOU bleed!!!
  • Answer: You get a tetanus vaccine from the doctor

How can someone prevent an SUV rollover?

  • An SUV rollover can be easily prevented by making simple driving precautions. Never take corners to narrowly or quickly, stay in the center of the road at all times, and do not partake in any distracting activities while driving.

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  • Answer: An SUV rollover can be easily prevented by making simple driving precautions. Never take corners to narrowly or quickly, stay in the center of the road at all times, and do not partake in any distracting activities while driving.
  • Answer: It is a rigid frame that prevents the car from collapsing and crushing car occupants in a roll-over crash
  • Answer: Some of the dangers of a car rollover include, being hurt serverely, death, becoming paralyzed, huge fines, chance of damage to cars, including your own.
  • Answer: S.U.V.s are typically prone to rolling over due to their high center of gravity. A number of action movies contain footage of SUVs rolling over, and various car safety programs may also provide accident footage for SUV rollovers.
  • Answer: Collision covers you if you hit something or roll the vehicle over.
  • Answer: Collision coverage pays if you hit something or turn a vehicleover. Hitting an animal is covered through Comprehensive or Otherthan Collision (Difference in terminology only).
  • Answer: ROP Must be designed and tested to ensure safety. Also must use seat belt with the ROP.
  • Answer: Wash your hands. Get enough rest. Cover your mouth when you sneeze (and then wash your hands). Eat right. Exercise. Avoid people with contagious illnesses.
  • Answer: No, I have suffered with arthritis for over 30 years, I use a very good gel for it though, its called Voltarol Emulgel, helps a lot.
  • Answer: You cut off the infected limb before the infection reaches the vital organs an kills you.Scurvy can be prevented by eating foods such as oranges,strawberries, lemon) or by taking vitamin C tablets
  • Answer: Align front end. Install new shocks.

    Also come slower into your turns and maybe switch to a rear wheel drive vehicle.
  • Answer: The only way to prevent blisters is to put something betweenyourself and whatever it is you think will cause a blister. Forexample, wear gloves when using a rake for a long period of time.
  • Answer: Lowers the risk of cervical cancer..
  • Answer: The only treatment that is going to benefit the person suffering, is
    one that deals directly with the underlying causes. For this reason,
    many treatments simply suppress a few symptoms. They do not effect
    cure. Measures of success have nothing to do with weight. Locking
    someone away and preventing them from purging is not a solution. If
    anything, it contributes to anxiety.

    You can find a number of useful techniques to help at
  • Answer: to prevent air pollution you can:

    1-use adequate filters in chimneys or in cars.

    2-use biodegradable products (products that can decompose) and decompse them instead of burning them.

    3-multiply green areas so trees can take in carbon dioxide and give oxygen

    4-when filling your car, use gasoline that has no lead so pollution can be reduced

    5-reduce the number of private cars and carpool or use electric powered buses.