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  • Answer: It looks like a combination of a red patch and a blister.
  • Answer: You can run a lot, eat correctly, do stretches, push ups, sit ups,weight lifting, and pull ups.
  • Answer: stay out of the sun
  • Answer: YES :)
  • Answer: Your nerves function by using salt ions to propagate a signal.

    With a high concentration of salt on a wound, the nerves sendvarious signals: muscle twitch and pain.

    Also, salts absorb water, so your cells are dehydrating, which canalso trigger a pain response.
  • Answer: A third degree burn is a severe burn that has gone completely through the skin and is affecting the underlying tissues. First aid would consist of getting the person away from the cause of the burn, trimming away any clothing that can be removed without disturbing the burn and providing first aid for shock until trained medical personnel can respond.

    Whatever you do, PUT NOTHING ON THE BURN. This will delay healing, cause excruciating pain and do nothing to help.
  • Answer: Beechwood fires burn bright and clear, if the logs are kept a year
    Chestnuts only good they say, if for long its laid away
    Ash new or ash old, is fit for a queen with a crown of gold.
    Birch and fir burn to fast, burn up bright but do not last.
    Apple wood will scent your room and fill your house with perfume.
    Ash wet or ash dry, a fire to warm kings slippers by
  • Answer: no
  • Answer: Go to File -> Burn DVD...
  • Answer: nah! just put your finger under the cold water tap.
  • Answer: Top 3 in no order. Having sex, swimming, and high intensity rollerblading.

    But there are hundreds of ways. One can start slow and work up to high intensity and presumably weight loss would increase ones chances of getting to have sex to lose more weight. A known statistic is that if one were to walk for an extra hour a day in a year they would lose a stone (6.3kg or approx 7 pounds)
  • Answer: No they do not. They build ab muscle but do not burn the fat ontop of those have to burn that fat by consuming less calories than you are using.
  • Answer: Have you tried using an oven mit to hold the handle on the frying pan? Do you use a spatula instead of an eating utensil like a fork to stir/flip your food?

    Try that and see how it works out for you!

  • Answer: The flame melts the wax, therefore burning out the candle.

What can you do to burn fat?

  • You can run a lot, eat correctly, do stretches, push ups, sit ups,weight lifting, and pull ups.

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