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Are currently open hospitals haunted?

  • depends how many people died

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  • Answer: depends how many people died
  • Answer: Yes but the most haunted one is linda vista hospital. Me and my buddies went there to see my friend because he works there and we heard like a little girl saying "leave or die" and believe it or not but it really was a voice.
  • Answer: Haunted Collector - 2011 Ghost Behind Bars Haunted Brothel 3-3 was released on:

    USA: 20 March 2013
  • Answer: I am pretty sure, because if you want to work as a midwife, you have to ask a professional midwife, because he or she might know. I also think you have to go to college (of course) to become a midwife.
  • Answer: Urban hospitals are usually if not always teaching hospitals, whereas rural hospitals are not. In fact, the difference between urban and rural is determined by the accessibility to a higher education centre like a university.In addition, urban hospitals usually have higher government grants and funding for research related work.Rural hospitals will see a wider variety of patient cases on their floors due to their size, and thus the experience for the staff is much greater. On the other hand, an urban centre will have more specialized floors and perhaps, more updated technology.There is greater cohesion and camaraderie amongst staff members of a small rural hospital.
  • Answer: Haunted History ended on 2001-08-11.
  • Answer: yes :) it is Borley Rectory
  • Answer: Yes. Yes it is.
  • Answer: If you have to ask, your house is not haunted.
  • Answer: I think it is cause It has haunted houses , even haunted Hotels!~
  • Answer: This can depend on the background of the individual. When I was 14, I was curious about magic mushrooms and decided to eat them to find out what happens. They were fresh and legal in the UK at the time. I had these extremely powerful feelings surround me. I was not scared at all. It was like the things I knew and loved so much easily fitted in with the rest of the world around me. My imagination expanded and I enjoyed speaking to people more.

    6 months later, I did some self tests and discovered that my AQ had decreased from 24 to 15. I still believe myself to have autistic traits, but I am no longer afraid of any consequences. This helped me to realise one important goal in life: survival of oneself and protection of the spirit that holds the body together. I had taken a huge step in life and could not return to my past self.
  • Answer: Yess :DD LOLjk. Why would it be ?? o.- ..??