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  • Answer: dont watch scary stuff and be positive. the rest kinda depends on ur religion
  • Answer: You cut off the infected limb before the infection reaches the vital organs an kills you.Scurvy can be prevented by eating foods such as oranges,strawberries, lemon) or by taking vitamin C tablets
  • Answer: Have enough iodine in your daily diet.
    Iodine comes in some salts and is popular in many foods so its not hard to consume a good amount.
  • Answer: wash you hands after any cuts or scrathes, to prevent dangerious bacteria getting into you system.
  • Answer: E.coli is normally found in the stool. If it gets from there to food or into a cut it can cause an infection.
    To prevent this, it is very important to, always, wash hands after using the toilet.
  • Answer: a boil is created when bacteria gets on your face that is also how pimples are creted but boils are much deeper in the skin. you need to wash your face day and night always aspecially in your teenage years. and that will prevent both.
  • Answer: you can prevent hypothermia by not getting cold
  • Answer: um well you could put ur middle finger and ur thumb together on the top-bridge of your nose and squeeze.
  • Answer: Try using an anti-perspirant and/or deoderant. If the problem persists, see a doctor. A doctor will perscribe you with pills that will help.
  • Answer: Cretinism is a condition of hypothyroidism during fetal life, infancy, and childhood. Characteristics include both severe stunted body growth and mental retardation.

    It is caused by a deficiency of Iodine, lack of a thyroid gland, or inability of the thyroid gland to produce enough hormones that are crucial to the development of a child.

    Cretinism can be prevented in one way by adding iodine into the persons diet.
  • Answer: You can prevent it by ensuring you take in enough vitamin D and calcium on a regular basis. Also, it is important to exercise at least a half hour a few times a week.
  • Answer: It may be prevented by being underweight.
  • Answer: Keep our vehicles running properly and emission free.
  • Answer: lots of red meats and green veggies or you can just take an iron supplement.
  • Answer: In order to prevent constipation, eat lots of fiber. Fiber helps the muscles/bones push digested food in the intestines. Fiber is also like a sponge, it takes up water and makes the undigested food become softer in the stage of faeces.

HOW can you prevent marasmus?

  • with a healthy diet, and eating very well.

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  • Answer: with a healthy diet, and eating very well.
  • Answer: Marasmus is caused by a deficiency in essentially every nutrient, especially proteins and calories, so to treat it the basic idea is to return all the nutritional levels in the body to their healthy level. This is usually brought about with a diet high in easily digestible, nutritious food (e.g. basmati rice or some of the easily obtainable good fruits, like bananas), as well as good exposure to sunlight. Some of the symptoms, e.g. diarrhoea, would need to be treated as well. Complications of marasmus can include circulation difficulties and diarrhoea, so they also require their own treatment.
  • Answer: Marasmus is a medical condition found in children that is caused bymalnutrition. A symptom is the wasting away of muscles. To preventthis, a child should eat nutritious foods that contain adequateamounts of protein and vitamins.
  • Answer: what can be prevent of marasmus?start weaning at 4 to 6 month of age
    treatment of diarrhea
  • Answer: The only prevention for marasmus is to ensure people have enoughfood and water to eat and drink. Marasmus is a severe malnutritiondisorder so there is not medication or cure other than to eat anddrink the proper foods.
  • Answer: eat healthily...georginah moropjane
  • Answer: Marasmus is a form of severe protein-energy malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency. Other PEMs include kwashiorkor and cachexia.A child with marasmus looks emaciated and body weight may be reduced to less than 80% of the normal weight for that height. Marasmus occurrence increases prior to age 1 whereas kwashiorkor occurrence increases after 18 months.Marasmus is caused by a severe deficiency of nearly all nutrients, especially protein and calories
  • Answer: Wash your hands. Get enough rest. Cover your mouth when you sneeze (and then wash your hands). Eat right. Exercise. Avoid people with contagious illnesses.
  • Answer: We can NOT completely eliminate SARS. We can do things that will HELP prevent it. People that have SARS should wear masks and stay out of public as much as possible. If we stick to the basic rules like don touch your mouth, eyes, and nose without washing your hands it will be less likely that you will catch a disease (including SARS) other that that there is not much more you can do.
  • Answer: i am a health girl and this gives you protein to prevent diseases
  • Answer: 1 health condition that minerals can help prevent is tooth decay.

  • Answer: The best way to prevent germs is to bathe daily along with washing your hands frequently throughout the day. Also it is always good to avoid unsanitary objects and locations.
  • Answer: Eat a balanced diet and insure you drink lots of liquids. Lack of fiber is a major challenge to staying regular as is dehydration.You can also drink one small glass of really good prune juice, daily. its very good for you and that would take care of it im sure; if not, then you should see a doctor.
  • Answer: No, I have suffered with arthritis for over 30 years, I use a very good gel for it though, its called Voltarol Emulgel, helps a lot.