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  • Answer: The printing press was necessary because it allowed information to be spread rapidly. Prior to its invention, people had to copy written information and books by hand. The printing press allowed multiple copies of a text to be produced relatively quickly and cheaply. This made access to information much quicker and more common.
  • Answer: Print screen, if on the computer, is a process that u could get the image on the screen by using it.

    There is a print screen key on ur keyboard. Press it, u will get a full screen capture, press ALT and print screen key at the same time, u will get the active window. then u should paste it in any graphic editors like MS Paint.

    If u wanna capture anything on the screen, i recommend u try PCHand Screen Caputre. It could help u capture anything. Im using it, it is easy to use, even for a novice. I think it is pretty good. Hope it could help.
  • Answer: printing art is a joyfull art that can print effectively
  • Answer: printing emerged in 19th century....
  • Answer: johanes Gutenberg
  • Answer: Bark printing is drawn with charcoal, and painted or scratched onto smoke-blackened bark to make a print, the aboriginies would use bark printing as a symbolic reference to their tribe.
  • Answer: 3D printing is the newest technology. This allows taking a two dimensional drawing and creating a three dimensional object. Objects as large and diverse as homes, bicycles, shoes, firearms and many other objects can be created at home by using a 3D printer costing under $2000 with various materials, mainly plastics.
    In a short length of time, the cost will come down to the price of a good paper printer.
    Just imagine being able to create a replacement part for a broken object, rather than having to purchase a new part, or object!
    These printers have also been used in medicine to create replacement body parts.
    Currently, human bladders have been created and work is being done on creating more complex organs, such as kidneys. This may obviate the need for organ donation, in the future!
  • Answer:

    The difference between "Letter" size paper (8.5 x 11 inches) and A4 paper depends on where you are; each size is the standard for letters, magazines, copy machines, and desktop printing.

    A4 (210 mm x 297 mm), the standard in most countries outside North America, is not quite as wide as Letter size (approx. 216 mm x 279 mm) paper and is longer. When exchanging documents this difference can cause problems. For example, a document formatted for A4 paper must be reformatted (possibly causing page numbering and referencing errors) to print on Letter size -- otherwise information at the bottom of the longer A4 page may be lost.TIP: When photocopying A4 pages to Letter size paper, reduce the pages 94% to fit the shorter paper. When photocopying Letter size pages to A4 paper reduce the pages 97% to fit the slightly narrower page (or risk losing margins or text that appears near the page edges).
  • Answer: Yes, it can especially the yellow and red hues.
  • Answer: The printing press was revolutionary because print could be made faster and more efficiently. Otherwise, you would have to write everything out. It was also a lot cheaper because of the gross of it.
  • Answer: Johann Gutenburg
  • Answer: Oh You know about a couple million! but thats if you find a nice sell or they could be a lot more
  • Answer: Treasury
    The Bureau of Engraving and Printing is the U.S. Treasury Department where all American currency, stamps, and military certificates are printed and sent out.
  • Answer: The production of books, the transfer and availability of knowledge, the flow of ideas.

How do you prevent printing?

  • If you want to prevent printing of PDF documents or web content then checkout the LockLizard web site. They provide DRM copy protection software to prevent copying and printing of your information. They also have an article on how to prevent printing of your information and documents.

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  • Answer: If you want to prevent printing of PDF documents or web content then checkout the LockLizard web site. They provide DRM copy protection software to prevent copying and printing of your information. They also have an article on how to prevent printing of your information and documents.
  • Answer: 1) The art process of producing image or text material by means of a device or implement, such as a stamp, die, ink or seal, used to press markings onto or into a surface
    • The act of pressing (a mark or design, for example) onto or into a surface.

    2) The business of producing products which are formed or marked by such a device
    • For example, books, poster, newspapers, articles, etc.

  • Answer: One of the key things that the printing press did was to start thespread of literacy among the common man. Before the press, bookswere copied by hand by scribes, making them prohibitively expensiveto own.
  • Answer: A printing press is a machine which uses movable metallic letters to put ink in the shape of text or pictures onto a piece of paper. They are still used to print books and newspapers in some places but computers and computer printing are gradually replacing them. For example, instead of handwriting one book in a 5 month time period, you can print about 500 in the same time period.
  • Answer: Think of a 3D printer as an downward pointing glue gun with plasticfilament instead of the glue tube. The beginning of the 3D printingprocess starts on the computer. A 3D file is created on a computerusing CAD (computer aided drafting) software. The file is thenconverted to a 3d printer friendly format in order to be printed.This is accomplished by taking the 3d object from the CAD file andslicing it horizontally into many thing layers. Once the file issent to the 3D printer to be printed, the 3D printers starts withfirst layer of the object (usually 0.1 mm tall). Once the firstlayer is completed it moves up to the next layer (again, usuallyabout 0.1 mm) and prints the next layer. The 3D printer will repeatthe process until all layers are printed and the object iscomplete.
  • Answer: The printing press was a machine, kind of like a typer writer that allowed people to "type" things. Johannes Gutenberg created it, using wood, then he got alot of ink, dipped the letters in ink, and then put the letters on the piece of paper. then he let it dry and sent it. so the printing press was pretty much a machine that helped people type.
  • Answer: Johann Gutenberg was the first to invent the printing blocks which was around the 15th century. Later he started to experiment with metal types. (The first printing blocks were made out of wood)
  • Answer: It is a great technology, can change our style of living and thinking. It can be creatively used in medical industry and design etc.
  • Answer: Hand-made printing and a type of art.
  • Answer: hand printing, is when you write your name in english.
    Not in cursive/harington/times new roman/calibri/etc.
  • Answer: Printing resolution refers to the amount of ink used on a square inch of paper. The DPI (dots per inch) setting for your printer will determine the quality of the image printed. With a higher DPI setting, there are smaller and more abundant dots on the square inch.

    More is not necessarily better, though. Certain media require certain printing resolution. For example, newspapers and other items printed on newsprint-quality paper require a bigger dot (lower DPI,) since the porous paper would bleed and look fuzzy with tiny dots.

    Your printing resolution, however, can only be as sharp as the image you desire to be printed. For more information on image resolution, look up PPI (pixels per inch.)
  • Answer: Letterpress printing is a particular printing technique which is used for relief printing of texts and images. It was developed around the 15th century.

    The technique involves reversed, raised locking movable blocks with letters and images, etc, into the bed of a press, where it is inked; after this, paper is rolled or pressed against it to form an impression.
  • Answer:
    Printing presses are used in almost every country of the world. Think of books, newspapers, posters etc.
  • Answer: the reason printing money if bad is because it is an federal offence with jail time up to 20 years . i hope this answered your question

    the all knowing