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  • Answer: The firefighters fight the fire (if they are there). If the fire is when the firefighters are on another fire the next closest fire company is called to put out the fire. Several fire stations have caught on fire. Fires at a fire station are usually caused by firefighters cooking and when they get called to an emergency they forget to turn off the stove or oven in the excitement.
  • Answer: no i am not sure
  • Answer: a fire is a burning chemical reaction that is of fairly large size.
    a firestorm is when many fires together all over get really big.

    like, a sort-of big firestorm could cover the United States.
  • Answer: A source of fuel allows the flame to be controlled, usually througha metal hose releasing natural gas. Humans have been usingdifferent methods of this for many years past.
  • Answer: A fire break is like a gap in a forest. If there is nothing for the fire to burn it cannot spread to elsewhere in the forest
  • Answer: because its wants to be.
  • Answer: no its mostly about katniss and her struggle with president snow and her deciding to go with peeta or gale, but the movie doesnt come outuntil november 23 2013 which is not smart because most people are going to forget abut the series by then, then mockingjay is going to be part so we all know the whole movie series is going to end in lik 2016. but all in all i was obssed by the cathing fire book i read it in less than 24 hours couldnt put it down!
  • Answer: The fire triangle consists of three components - Heat, Oxygen and Fuel. All three MUST exist together for a source of ignition to start a fire, which in effect is a chemical reaction. If you remove one of these elements, then the reaction can not occur and hence, no fire.
  • Answer: A tiller usually has its ladder on a separate piece to the rest ofthe truck and is movable with the road. The tiller itself is longand attaches to the truck.

    A tower ladder is attached without the connection section. Thisdoes not enable the platform to move with the road.
  • Answer: art elements are like art skills so like things that are used in unity skills e.g balance,movement,emphasis,visual,econmy contrast,poportion and space. Here is another example contrast refers to opposite elements such as:black vs white, light vs dark.
  • Answer: Form Space Shape Color
  • Answer: Fire, wind and earth
  • Answer: Fat is basically made up of triacylglycerols(TAG) stacked together. TAGs are made of long carbon chains. So the literal elements in it are hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen mainly.

What are 3 elements of fire?

  • Oxygen

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