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How fast can the Cessna 406 travel?

  • 455k/h {263mph}

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  • Answer: 455k/h {263mph}
  • Answer: 70miles
  • Answer: 150 mph
  • Answer: 160 knots or 185 miles per hour (max or "never exceed speed") this aircraft is not capable of this speed in level flight. The maximum speed in level flight is around 125 knots.
  • Answer: The P has a more reliable engine, the Lycoming O-320-D2J.

    The maximum range for the flaps was reduced from 40 degrees to 30 degrees in order to reduce weight and allow a 100 lb increase in carrying capacity.
  • Answer: Skyhawk is the name given to the Cessna 172. The 180 has a more powerful engine, variable speed prop, and is slightly larger than the 172. The biggest visual difference is the landing gear. The cessna 180 is a tail dragger while the 172 has tricycle gear.
  • Answer: The Cessna 205/206/207 differs from the 172/182 in several ways. It is bigger, heavier, and more powerful for a start.

    Without going into all the specific details, you can put it this way. If the Cessna 172/182 is the sedan of the sky, then the Cessna 205/206/207 is the SUV of the sky.

    The most important difference for a pilot is that the 300 hp powerplant and constant speed prop of the 205-series will require the pilot to hold the high-performance and complex aircraft endorsements. The 172 has a smaller engine and a fixed prop, so these endorsements are not required for it.
  • Answer: The Aerobat version of the Cessna 152 was designed, built, and certified, to withstand higher stress loads in order to perform aerobatics. While the Cessna 152 was designed to withstand up to 4.4 Gs (4.4 times the force of gravity), aerobatic aircraft are built to withstand 6 Gs or more; sometimes 9 Gs or more. Increased structural support usually results in an increased empty weight.
  • Answer: The maximum cruise speed of a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 is Mach0.88 (610 mph / 982 km/h / 530 kt)
  • Answer: too slow!!a bus is never on time
  • Answer: A jet can travel from 1000mph to 7000mph.
  • Answer: it goes about 500 miles an hour when it gets in the air but before it takes off it will get to 180 mph to get airborn but it can go faster the faster it goes the easier it is to take off and if you are planing on stealing a plane good luck!!!!!!!! dont do it or we will come for you
  • Answer: The typical cruise speed of a Boeing 737-700 is Mach 0.785 (447 kn,514 mph, 828 km/h). The maximum speed is Mach 0.82 (475 kn, 545mph, 877 km/h)