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What will happen to you if you take drugs?

  • umm... really dumb question and on so many levels.... I mean depends on the drug and the only thing for sure WILL happen to you is you will feel f*cked up!

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  • Answer: This is seriously going to trip you out and could possibly be fatal. You may hallucinate, have seizures, blackout, vomit, it could also cause liver damage, etc. Do not do it!
  • Answer: umm... really dumb question and on so many levels.... I mean depends on the drug and the only thing for sure WILL happen to you is you will feel f*cked up!
  • Answer: that would greatly depend on the drug and dosage of such drug
  • Answer: There are many bad things that could happen if a child took drugs.A child could develop health problems and in some cases even diefrom a drug overdose.
  • Answer: Typically you will lose the will to work or you will be fired for low performance and frequent absence or tardys. You will still want to do drugs, even though you have spent all of your money on drugs, including your rent money. You will next feed your habit by selling drugs. Poor money management and lack of drive will eventually lead to you smoking/snorting ect all the profits. You will still want to do drugs. Steeling is now the best way to support your self. You start by steeling from your parents and friends. Soon all the people you know will have nothing to do with you. You still want to do drugs. You then move on to bigger crimes. If you are lucky you will one day see what a piece of #%&@ you have become. You will realize YOU are the only one ruining your life and making life miserable for so many others. "Drugs" is not a victimless crime. It all starts with one joint, one pill...

    you could die.
  • Answer: People think that drugs cant do really bad thigs but it does it might kill you from the first time you takes them and after you will feel pain and gets angry fast ,and lots of other things it do for you
  • Answer: You can dramatically loose, or gain weight.
    Some people pick at their skin leaving scars all over their bodies.
    Drugs can also effect your sex drive depending on what kind of drug your taking.
    Some of them are said to enhance your sex drive and somee make you completely loose your sex drive while on the drug.
  • Answer: Nothing will happen. But if you are a drug addict, it may damage your kidneys and some drugs cause burning kind of pain in your stomach..
    So we should not depend more on drugs especially the antibiotics.
  • Answer: Depends on which drug, and how much you ingest.
    Is it a drug that will be digested or absorbed?
    Will exposure to stomach acid degrade it?
  • Answer: if your not use to it then your body will probably go hay wire and you will lose control of your actions and something bad could happen trust me do not do it
  • Answer: Seemingly nothing at first. But over time you will begin to notice lower lows and more frequent lows and longer lasting lows. For me the cycle begins when I lose my medical insurance and then cannot afford my medications. I start with a drink here and a joint there and by the end of the first month I am on three day benders smoking crack. Stay on your meds and off the booze. Alcohol is the worst drug you can mix with phychiatric medication, speaking from experience. I have NOT noticed ANY ill-effects from smoking pot with or without my medications. Hope that helps.
  • Answer: Accidental ingestion of some drugs may cause ataxia, seizures , sensory neuropathies, or coma and death. The chronic administration of antihistamine medication and anticonvulsive drugs may cause ataxia in children.
  • Answer: That depends on your definition of worst. A strong cough from a good hit could give you an aneurysm, causing you to either die or lose function to your brain and/or body.
  • Answer: Cholesterol levels may increase when the medicine is stopped, and the physician may prescribe a special diet to make this less likely.