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  • Answer: Women generally live longer than men, and it is no different in theUnited States. Females in America live to be 81 years old onaverage.
  • Answer: This is a fairly vague question. The average lifespan for any area varies significantly based on year of birth and gender, so the range of possible answers is rather large. One statistic, though, is if a child was born in 1996 in Germany, and lived the rest of their life there, they could be expected to live to the age of 73 (for males) or 79 (for females). This is also on par with life expectancies across "First-world" nations.
  • Answer: The average healthy lifespan of a human is 90 to 105 years of age.
  • Answer: 1 hour =D hope this helps :p1 hour =D hope this helps :p
  • Answer: The average lifespan of an American is 59-92 although some people die sooner or later. this is a very interesting topic and i suggest that you find as much as you can about it.
    According to the 2008 estimate in the CIA World Factbook (, the life expectancy of an American male is 75.29 years, and the life expectancy for an American female is 81.13 years.
  • Answer: Women: 45.2
    Men: 42.6
    Total Average: 43.8
  • Answer: I have a friend that has 4 different Damson trees planted by his great - grandfather before WW1. -They all still produce beautiful fruit every year at over 100 years old !
  • Answer: According to the CIA World Factbook (, the 2008 extimated life expectancy at birth of a male born in Italy is 77.13 years.
  • Answer: In 2010 the average life expectancy at birth of American women was 81 years.
  • Answer: There is no average lifespan for a Chevy Cavalier as it depends onhow well it is taken care of. Regardless, they can usually workwell up to 200,000 mi. if they are checked and fixed routinely.
  • Answer: Life expectancy of athletes: There seems to have been only one
    detailed study on this topic, which was published by a group from
    Finland in 1993:

    The study found the following life expectancies, when world class
    athletes were compared with each other and a reference group of
    non-athletes "The mean LE adjusted for occupational group, marital
    status, and the age at entry to the cohort (and its 95% confidence
    limits) was in endurance sports (long distance running and
    cross-country skiing) 75.6 (73.6, 77.5) yr; in team games (soccer, ice
    hockey, basketball, as well as jumpers and short-distance runners from
    track and field (73.9 (72.7, 75.1) yr; in power sports (boxing,
    wrestling, weight lifting, and throwers from field athletics) 71.5
    (70.4, 72.2) yr; and in the reference group 69.9 (69.0, 70.9) yr." The
    increase in life expectancy found in athletes was mainly due to
    decreased cardiovascular mortality and participation in team sports.
    Med Sci Sports Exerc 1993, Volume 25, pages 237-244
    Increased life expectancy of world class male athletes.
  • Answer: 70 years of age

What is the average lifespan of a blendtec blender?

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