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  • Answer: Stress is the main factor affecting mental may be eustress,distress,hypostress or hyperstress.
  • Answer: A sign of mental health are: 1, physical and emotional well-coordinated; 2, to adapt to the environment, relationships with one another to humility; 3, there is happiness; 4, in professional work, be able to give full play to their ability to live an efficient life.

    There are a psychologist Ma Jianqing proposed seven standards for mental health:

    1, normal intelligence.
    2, emotional coordination and a good state of mind.
    Third, have a certain quality of will.
    4, and harmonious interpersonal relations.
    5 and dynamically adapt to the environment.
    6, maintaining personal integrity.
    7, in line with age characteristics.

    I hope that will resolve your
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  • Answer: DMT is the best hallucinagen there is. It feels like you are shot out of a cannon and into a seperate demension. All structure breaks away and you are left with an unknown abstract world that nothing can prepare you for. The hallucinations can be life changing, usually for the better.
  • Answer: Hallucinations are caused by an altered functioning of the brain which may be caused by some substances, trauma damage, brain overstimulation (i.e. emotional states) or psychogenic (mental) disorders.
  • Answer: occur during periods of consciousness. They can appear in the form of visions, voices or sounds, tactile feelings (known as haptic hallucinations), smells, or tastes.
  • Answer: False or distorted sensory experiences that appear to be real perceptions.
  • Answer: Hallucinosis is a condition when the body identifies something incorrectly. It could be any of the five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing. It is never considered a "normal" condition and often is due to a treatable condition. If you have hallucinations, seek medical treatment.
  • Answer: Some hallucinations last only a few seconds; however, some people diagnosed with Charles Bonnet syndrome (CBS) have reported visual hallucinations lasting over several days.
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    From my experience of taking Xanax for sleep. I have been dealing with the same types of Hallucination from when I used to use Ambein to go to bed. All of reactions and hallucinations have been the same. The days that I take no medicine before bedtime for sleep I never deal with anything like that.
  • Answer: Hallucinations are believed to be caused by a psychoactive drug binding to the receptors of the neurotransmitter serotonin in the brain. This causes a change in perception which varies depending on the active chemical or chemicals found in the drug.
  • Answer: The exact nature of how hallucinogens cause hallucinations is not known, but it is thought that they mimic the actions of neurotransmitters and bind to receptor sites in the brain. This causes a person to experience sensations that are not real.
  • Answer: Of course! If you drink too much definitely, a very well-known case.
  • Answer: yes, i am a veternarian
  • Answer: If a high fever is present, the fever causes the hallucinations, not the UTI.

Which mental illnesses cause hallucinations?

  • I believe schitzophrenia causes hallucinations,

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