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Can duromine pass a drug urine test?

  • YES

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  • Answer: If you have a prescription for this medication then yes you will pass just let them know what drugs are prescribed.

    Substance Detection Period by Urine Test
    Alcohol 12-24 hours
    Amphetamine 1-4 days
    Barbiturates 1- 21 days
    Benzodiazepines 1-42 days
    Cannabis (Single Use) 2-3 days
    Cannabis (Habitual Use) Up to 12 weeks
    Cocaine 4-5 days
    Codeine/Morphine 2-4 days
    Heroin 2-4 days
    Methamphetamines 3-5 days
    PCP 3-7 days
  • Answer: no, they are very accurate nowadays and can detect smaller amounts
  • Answer: If you drink 8-10 ltrs of water prior to the test and on your thrid urine pass do the test and you should be fine all the water dillutes the urine which makes it hard to detect the toxins, herbal tea is also good, but there both not a 100% guarenteed.
  • Answer: No it will not. Also generally when they do a urinaylsis they checkfor a host of chemicals generally found in urine including HCG.
  • Answer: no. adderall will come up as amphetamines in a drug test.
  • Answer: wait 4 days then take the test depending on how much you get high could be an extra day or 2
  • Answer: If you decide to cheat on urine drug test you have to know that you are taking very big risk. I lost my job and I start to search for another. During same period I had big s***t things going through my life and I smoke for around a month just to take the pressure away. I have to go to a several drug tests for jobs and I fail all of them. One was with my friend urine. I thought I read all about it - certain temperature, how to take the sample with me at the toilet, but finally they found out and flagged my sample. For my other test I tried all well known home remedies like drinking water or cranberry juice, eating red meat, exercising etc, but nothing helps me.
  • Answer: Honestly... Probably not. They never worked for me. The best thing is running to boost your metabolism and cranberry juice to flush your body
  • Answer: Quote from the Related Link: "Drug-users have long advocated the use of the B vitamin Niacin to help "flush" out drugs in order to pass a drug test. As it turns out, this is not only useless, but it may put you in the hospital.Niacin is also known as vitamin B3. This vitamin aids in digestion, hormone production, skin health, and nervous system maintenance ( Niacin has a role in fat metabolism and doctors often prescribe niacin in large doses to patients with high cholesterol and triglycerides. Using this same idea, many drug users believe that niacin can also cleanse or "flush" the body of illicit drugs, especially marijuana.

    However, this wide held belief in this "Niacin regimen" are not only incorrect, but can be very dangerous. Niacin has not been found to remove drugs from the body. Even so, many people use this niacin regimen, and it lands some in the emergency room.

    Dr. Manoj K. Mittal, of a Philadelphia hospital reports that four patients presented to the E.R. due to adverse Niacin reactions. Two of the four Philadelphia patients exhibited nausea, rapid heartbeat and heart palpitations, dizziness, dehydration, low blood sugar, blood-clotting abnormalities, liver toxicity, and a dangerous drop in blood pH ( One seventeen-year-old girl was brought to the E.R. in a coma as a result of too much niacin.

    These patients tested positive for marijuana in a urine test conducted at the hospital. So obviously, the niacin did not "flush" the drug away.

    The negative effects of too much niacin usually are reversed with time. In severe cases, though, the overdose of niacin can lead to acute liver failure ("
  • Answer: Urine tests are more acurate and provide the tester with a broader range of substances to test for. A swab test is portableand is sometimes followed up with other tests.
  • Answer: Urinalysis or urine drug testing, is the most common type of drug testing, because it is used the most commonly by companies, so it is the most common used in mass and thus in total.