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  • Answer: Multilevel degenerative disc disease is osteoarthritis at the joints between the vertebrae. this is generally a sign of wear and tear and is more likely with age.
  • Answer: Between each vertebra are thick disks: these comprise of a thick wall on the outside, filled with a thick gel. This acts as a "shock absorber". Over the years these disks begin to wear out and flatten or possibly bulge out (like squashing a marshmallow). It just means that this is occurring at multiple levels in the spine.
  • Answer: Fancy words for arthritis of multi level of the spines.
  • Answer: Mild degenerative disc disease is a disease that affects yourspine. The pain of the disease usually affects your lower backand/or neck.
  • Answer: No, it is not considered hereditary, thoughthere may be genetic factors that predispose people to developingit. It is mostly caused by wear and tear to the lumbar vertebrae.It is more common in western cultures where people spend a lot oftime sitting in chairs. It is less common in eastern cultures thathave healthier habits including sitting on the floor. Another thingto consider, most health professionals that know about posture willtell you that the traditional practice of sitting up in your chairas taught in grade school is pretty much all wrong! Recent studiesin Great Britain have shown that this leads to lower back pain andsitting on the front edge of the seat with the knees lower than thehips puts the spine in a more functional alignment. If you want totry this, just adjust yourself until you feel like you are sittingin the saddle on a horse. Well, in western cultures at least thecowboys got it right!
  • Answer: i have terrible pain from sacroiliiac muscle can anything be done please, ive had it 9months
  • Answer: Go to the related link(Fatty acids, lipid peroxidation and diseases) below for more information on this subject.
  • Answer: The facet joints are small joints that run down both sides of the spine.

    Bilateral means both sides.

    Degenerative change is the "wear and tear" type of arthritis.

    Basically, it means the joints on both sides of the spine are "shot". This can cause pain and can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications and injections. Unfortunately, the injections are often multiple, painful and have to be done a few times before they work - but they usually do eventually work.
  • Answer: Degenerative disk disease and arthritis are different conditions conditions.The cause of degenerative disk disease at this point is not understood, however having arthritis can contribute to its development.
  • Answer: Total break down of the L/R knee. The infrastructure is worn to the point of deterioration of and older man ( or woman ) whereas it is no longer providing the subject with support due to tissue, bone and other moving parts.
  • Answer: Degenerative Joint Disease or osteo arthritis is a form of arthritis that is most like to a result of wear and teat or injury. For more information on this disease Go to the related link (Degenerative Joint Disease) below.
  • Answer: Osteoarthritis is the most common degenerative arthritis disease, Rheumatoid arthritis is an Autoimmune disease.
  • Answer: Probably Not.

    The pro-adjuster is supposed to be a "computerized" form of spinal manipulation. Although some people claim that they have benefited from treatment with the pro-adjuster, there is no peer-reviewed research (yet) that suggests pro-adjuster is beneficial for any condition at all (if this ever changes I will modify this answer). Sadly, despite having no evidence-base whatsoever, the pro-adjuster is marketed as an effective form of care. Sometimes it is even falsy described as being "developed by NASA", which is completely false advertising. You are better off findiing a real chiropractor who uses manual spinal manipulation or spinal mobilization, as there is good peer-reviewed research to support this kind of therapy for the treatment of back pain.

    Unfortunately, If you are looking for a treatment to "fix" degenerative joint disease, there are none. However, chiropractic care is well known for its ability to reduce pain for people with degenerated joints (arthritis). Once you have reached an advanced stage of joint degeneration...pain control is really the only option. This is why lifestyle choices are so important when we are young, to try to prevent joint degeneration (good diet, exercise, etc.).

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