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  • Answer: Over the counter (OTC) and under the counter (Rx/Prescription)
  • Answer: Narrative, Expository, and Persuasive
  • Answer: Research is an intensive study, that is done on any subject. There are different classifications of research:

    1. Basic research

    2. Quantitative research

    3. Descriptive research

    4. Qualitative research

    5. Classification research

    5. Longitudinal research

    There are four main classifications of research. They are thepurpose of doing the research, the intended uses of the research,how the research treats time, and the data collection techniquesused in the research.
  • Answer: the 5 drug categories are :

  • Answer: the 3 classifications of technology are process,product,and tools.
  • Answer: They Are Rated On How Dangerous They Are To Your Health.Class A Drugs Do Serious Damage.
  • Answer: Engine Classification according to Fuel Used

    Gasoline Engine uses gasoline as fuel.
    Diesel Engine uses crude oil as fuel.

    Engine Classification according to Method of Cooling

    Indirect Cooling System usually called water engine.
    Direct Cooling System usually called air cooled engine.

    Engine Classification according to Cylinder Arrangement

    Vertical or Inline Engine has cylinders have vertical center lines arrange one after the other.
    Horizontal Engine has engine with horizontal center line of cylinders.
    V Type Engine has engine block or cylinders resembles a letter V shape.
    Radial Engine has cylinders arranged in radial manner.

    Engine Classification according to Valve Arrangement

    T Head Arrangement has valves arranged in both side of cylinder block. All intake valves in one side all exhaust on the other side.

    L Head Engine has intake and exhaust valves arrange in one side of cylinder block.
    F Head Engine have intake valves in the cylinder head and exhaust valves on one side of cylinder block.
    I Head Engine has all intake and exhaust valves located in the cylinder head block.
  • Answer: *system software
    *application software

  • Answer: ano kyo pinagpala
  • Answer: such as hiking, bicycling, fishing, swimming, horseback riding, off-highway vehicle recreation, jogging, camping, and picnicking.
  • Answer: Classification (FAA)Aircraft Approach CategorywA: Speed < 91knotswB: [ 91 - 121) knotswC: [ 121 - 141) knotswD: [ 141 - 166) knotswE: Speed 166+knots

    Airplane Design GroupI: Wing < 49 ft(15 m)II: [ 49 - 79) ft(15-24 m)III: [ 79 - 118) ft(24-36 m)IV: [ 118 - 171) ft(36-52 m)V: [ 171 - 214) ft(52-65 m)VI: [ 214 - 262) ft(65-80 m)
  • Answer: There are two classifications or types of transistors. They are either NPN or PNP.
    NPN is consisting of a layer of P-doped semiconductor (the "base") between two N-doped layers. PNP is the opposite consisting of a layer of N doped material between two P-doped layers. These devices are used in electronics for anything to communications equipment, to semiconductors. With the advances in technology there are entire circuits of transistors built in to individual chips.
  • Answer: The courts in the United States fall within two classifications: the federal court system and the state court systems.
  • Answer: The classification of technology are gadgets, process, product.

What are 2 classifications of nutrition?

  • There are two types of nutrition namely autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition

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