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  • Answer: christiam
  • Answer: What?! Trace ultrasonic waves? Are you one hundred per cent cuckoo?! Why would anyone trace ultrasonic waves these days??
  • Answer: Yes, you can, through some kind of technology that the government uses, it is just like tracking an email (You cannot track an email or photo if it has been bounced across the globe a lot)
  • Answer: the french revolution
  • Answer: for 24 hours alcohol is present in urineYes, you can detect alcohol in the urine via a urine test. Alcohol levels decrease by about 20 - 25 points per hour, depending on your clearance capacity.
  • Answer: yes he does, a few months ago he was doing a live chat on ustream whilst being tattooed at the same time and was stoned out of his face
  • Answer: no tracing of vodafone numbers ;goto nearest police station and put the complaint with that number.........!
  • Answer: it means you are peeing blood
  • Answer: trace the origin of business policy
  • Answer: Christianity began as an outgrowth of Judaism. Paul, who was a Jewish rabbi from the city of Tarsus (in what is now modern Turkey) wrote much of the New Testament - in the form of Epistles (or letters). Jesus was a Jewish rabbi from the province of Galilee, and his disciples were all Jewish, as well. After the fall of Judea, to the Roman Empire, in 70 A.D. some Jews sought a way to preserve their religious tradition by spreading their religious views to non-Jews (or Gentiles), and Paul was a central figure in this effort. Over the course of the next hundred to two hundred years, the practices of non-Jews diverged, increasingly, from that of Orthodox Jews, culminating in the establishment of the Christian religion, most notably at the Council of Nicea (arranged at the behest of the Emperor Constantine) in 325 A.D. It was at the Council of Nicea (and subsequent councils) that doctrine was more solidified in order to define Christianity for the entire Roman Empire - as it had been practiced in a fragmented manner, up to that point, with diverse Christian groups following many different charismatic Christian leaders.
  • Answer: Yes in fact Trace Atkins does have children he has a little girl who is six that is why he played on the Celebrity Apprentice...for her.

    Trace Adkins (with a d, not a t) has 5 daughters and two grandchildren
  • Answer: You had to get the order for your blood test from your doctor. I have no idea what kind of leucocyte you are referring to. If you only have a trace of all leucocytes, you are probably receiving a transfusion right now, living in a bubble, or talking to a funeral director. Your doctor ordered your tests. Call and ask him or her.
  • Answer: im looking for the same answer...

How does trace elements occur in tea?

  • they are absorbed by the roots

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