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  • Answer:
    • cardiovascular disorders
    • liver damage
    • rhabdomyolysis (a rare condition in which muscle deterioration can lead to kidney failure)
    • seizures

    Such Hydroxycut dangers may be indicated by the following symptoms:
    • abdominal pain
    • brown urine
    • extreme weakness and fatigue
    • itchiness
    • jaundice
    • light-colored feces
    • loss of appetite
    • loss of consciousness
    • nausea and/or vomiting
    • palpitations
    • tremors

  • Answer: horseback riding is by far the most dangerous sport with over 200 deaths per year and 1/3 of injuries involving the head. I myself have been recently thrown off a horse and broke my arm, which is practically nothing compared to other injuries. Horses are also the most dangerous animal, killing 1000 people a year
  • Answer: I think its more that it speeds your heart rate up, if you dont have a history of heart problems ad take them in moderation, you should be fine.
    You can go to: to get more information.
  • Answer: Cracked or warped heads, motor block, Bent valves, blown head and/or header gaskets worst case locking up the engine.
  • Answer: The abuse of alcohol (not drinking alcohol in moderation) can cause a variety of problems - - physical, financial, relational, safety, etc.
  • Answer: Pcp can be dangerous. There is always the possibility of an overdose. Users can have vivid hallucinations and cause aggressive behavior
  • Answer: There are few problems with planes but because of the ash cloud in 2010 airplanes in airports have come to a standstill. However, a small problem in the engine or any small hiccups can lead to catastrophic events. Also, equipment used incorrectly can lead to awful outcomes, such as crashing into mountains etc. Air traffic controllers have to be well trained and can turn a bad situation into a good one, but when wrong it can lead to one aircraft colliding into another one.
  • Answer: it is very harmful to your poo
  • Answer: your brain i very important so just dont mess with it
  • Answer: A pothole is a road can be a very dangerous thing for a car. Not only can they cause damage to the car by causing stress on the wheels or the suspension, they can also cause accidents by causing the car the veer off in a different direction than planned.
  • Answer: The most obvious danger of a tornado is the high level winds that not only break apart homes and other solid objects but they also throw those objects also at high rates of speed. There is also the overwhelming pressure that these quirks of nature create that can cause a home to implode.
  • Answer: it will easily spread
  • Answer: Synthetic fertilizers were probably first introduced more than 50 years ago in the so called Green Revolution. These, together with other crop production technology permitted a drastic improvement in crop yields that arguably saved many lives.

    Plants absorb synthetic or "organic" fertilizers exactly the same way. Therefore, there is no difference in that sense. However, the environmental impact of synthetic fertilizing could be enormous particularly on water supplies.
  • Answer: The dangers of ice skating is that yu can fall and hurt your self ... yu can break a leg or ankle and way worae

What are some dangers of a car rollover?

  • Some of the dangers of a car rollover include, being hurt serverely, death, becoming paralyzed, huge fines, chance of damage to cars, including your own.

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  • Answer: Some of the dangers of a car rollover include, being hurt serverely, death, becoming paralyzed, huge fines, chance of damage to cars, including your own.
  • Answer: An SUV rollover can be easily prevented by making simple driving precautions. Never take corners to narrowly or quickly, stay in the center of the road at all times, and do not partake in any distracting activities while driving.
  • Answer: S.U.V.s are typically prone to rolling over due to their high center of gravity. A number of action movies contain footage of SUVs rolling over, and various car safety programs may also provide accident footage for SUV rollovers.
  • Answer: Collision covers you if you hit something or roll the vehicle over.
  • Answer: Collision coverage pays if you hit something or turn a vehicleover. Hitting an animal is covered through Comprehensive or Otherthan Collision (Difference in terminology only).
  • Answer: It is a rigid frame that prevents the car from collapsing and crushing car occupants in a roll-over crash
  • Answer: ROP Must be designed and tested to ensure safety. Also must use seat belt with the ROP.
  • Answer: You can get lung Cancer from smoking. Not only that, it puts premature wrinkles on your face,hideously yellows your teeth and makes you smell.
  • Answer: Toxic shock syndrome is one. Leave it in too long and it can be problematic.

    Conventional tampons are commonly made from rayon that is treated with hazardous chlorine bleaches that result in dangerous chlorinated toxins being released into the environment. Overtime, these chlorinated toxins can accumulate in the environment. According to the EPA, exposure to minute levels of dioxin, which is a chlorinated toxin, can result in immune system malfunctions, altered endocrine hormone activity, and studies have show a direct link between dioxin exposure in the environment and cancer, birth defects, and reproductive disorders. Considering that the average girl/woman will buy more than 11,000 tampons in her lifetime, organic cotton tampons are a simple but important choice to make a difference.
  • Answer: Alcohol can make you do lots of things but when the drink has worn off you cant remember what you have done.
  • Answer: there are alot of dangers! just dont take crack!

    It kills you, obviously(not cool)
    it gives you heart disease
    its gives you lung disease
    and all sorts of unknown/known cancers
  • Answer: Allowing that we are talking about a computer controlled car.
    The danger is that it may not realise it has a fault and cause an accident.
    Machines are only as good as the designer.
    That being said once we have changed over to computer controlled automobiles it will be much safer to ride in a car.
  • Answer: The airplane can mailfunction its engine and you will crash and about 100ft to the ground and die like a toothpick in half.Easy as that.But hey there might be a miracle.
  • Answer: The high rate of speed causes wrecks and possible injury or death.Many cars traveling at a high rate of speed, close together, on aclosed course, is dangerous.