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  • Answer: just click the option which are like phot text quoats etc and you will be able to post
  • Answer:
    • a knock-off
    • a replication
    • a phony
    • artificial
    • imitation
    • a reproduction
    • false
    • a copy
    • counterfeit
    • fraud
    • a sham
    • hoax
    • imposter
    • bogas
    • make believe
    • psudo
    • fabrication
    • falsification
    • fraudulent
    oh...lets see...there is unreal, counterfeit, affected, artificial, assumed, bogus, concocted, fabricated, fictitious, forged, fraudulent, invented, make-believe, mock, phony, pretended, pseudo*, reproduction, sham, simulated, spurious! i found these on!
  • Answer: hit your head really hard so you get a headacheit worked for me!!!
  • Answer: Check the labeling most fakes are only going to have either no labeling or a paper labeling the DVD image wont be made into it If the image is holographic silver then its probably good most public holographic labels are a gold color. Check the quality if the screen shots have more blue color in them night shots are darker than normal these indicate they have been made inside a theater or you see shadows people moving or laughing. If it comes without a cover or the cover is not glossy and looks like its printed on regular paper. Really thin case or does not look like what you have bought before most cases are the same with regards to special made cases for memorabilia like a double case. If the movie starts automatically wait and see if there is credits and extra footage sometimes fakes have no play, scenes choice, behind the scenes, director cuts or commentary select buttons.
  • Answer: No.
  • Answer: Acting lessons.
  • Answer: Artificial and false
  • Answer: If it is plastic or shoots plastic or metal and not loud, it is fake. Also if a flag comes out that says "Boom" or "Bang" it is fake. But if it says "_____" then it is real, and you are dead
  • Answer: To fake a flu you cough a lot and pretend to have a high fever by making your head hot somehow.
  • Answer: Yes. They took the time to make it so of course it can be trusted.
  • Answer: You can use a template from an already existing one or make yourself
  • Answer: well no not yet but for all i know yes.IFyou really want to find out then go to a online service that will tell you if it is reall or please go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Answer: the shop yuu idiots
  • Answer: Depends on what you believe is truth.

    If you believe a few words in ancient books, then "God" exists.
    If you believe in science and proof, then "God" does not exist.

    If "God" exists, how come there is no scientific proof - or any proof for that matter. "Gods" in the ancient world always made them self known - by a manner of different acts - but the "latest God" seems not to have bothered.

    It is purely a belief in faith - if you want to believe in a "God" then go for it, but if you want to believe in facts and science, then there is NO GOD for you but "a" God could exist for others.

    One has to remember that there have been many "Gods" in the ages - all "alas but one" have been ignored - so why was that?
  • Answer: Is this world fake?

Do not buy from generics ws they will send you fake stuff?

  • what are you talking about

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