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  • Answer: Yes some bags can be dangerous, for example a plastic wal-Mart bag can make somebody suffocate
  • Answer: It is not completely harmless, but is safe when used in moderation as a tea additive. Its danger lies in the oil which, when applied to the skin may cause a reaction such as an increase in sunburn
  • Answer: radioactive waste

  • Answer: Because if the bull hits you, you can get stabbed by the horn, or get trampled by its hooves.
  • Answer: 103

    It gets dangerous when your body temperature gets too high and denature the enzymes in your body.
  • Answer: yes, and i can think of 4 reasons:

    EXHIBIT A: you have very little protection in a crash
    EXHIBIT B: most dont have a spedometer, and you can rear-end a car
    EXHIBIT C: they have less traction for brakes, so rear-ending cars is more common
    EXHIBIT D: they...alter the mind. most people say they are "(dumb) king of the road and believe they always have the rightaway at intersections.
  • Answer: when you have no clue on what your doing...
  • Answer: most drugs are carefully administered poisons that require knowledge for their proper application. They even more dangerous in the hands of the ill informed.
  • Answer: Taurine is an amino acid that regulates water and minerals in your blood, as well as has antioxidant properties. Its found naturally in met, fish and many other food so few people actually need to take a supplement of taurine on the side. It is becoming increasingly popular with athletes who find it can help their performance at times. Taurine is considered a safe supplement, because your body only uses what it needs and the rest is flushed out through your kidneys. The research is still somewhat limited, so as with all supplements/additives moderation is probably best.
  • Answer: If you drown you die. Dying is bad.
  • Answer: Yes. E coli is very dangerous. The reason that it is so dangerous is because it Messes up how your body digests food.
  • Answer: It depends, some certain parts in Baltimore are safe, but others at night can be dangerous
  • Answer: my opinion....... its a cyclone or typhoon or whatever the world calls it they created the worlds greatest death toll.

What is a dangerous gas used in old zeppelins?

  • Hydrogen.
    The Germans would have prefered to use Helium for safety, but atthe time its only known source was the Texas and Oklahoma oilfields in the US. The US considered Helium a strategicresource and refused to sell it to other countries (especiallynot Nazi Germany).

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  • Answer: Hydrogen.
    The Germans would have prefered to use Helium for safety, but atthe time its only known source was the Texas and Oklahoma oilfields in the US. The US considered Helium a strategicresource and refused to sell it to other countries (especiallynot Nazi Germany).
  • Answer: The first zeppelins were made out of rubberized cotton and inflatedwith hydrogen gas. They were generally long, tubular-shapedaircraft that had wings.
  • Answer: No. The US had some fighter biplanes attached to the USS Macon and USS Akron and those planes were called Sparrowhawks.
  • Answer: Well your on a small little board sliding on ice racing. I wanted to do skeletan racing in the Olympics. So anyway yes skeletan is a dangrous sport. You must be very good to do it
  • Answer: It is not dangerous. But the normal range is between 2 to 3. If inr level goes below 1 then it is dangerous. It will cause fix. Also it should not be more than 4. If it goes above 4 it will thinner your blood. Bleeding will be more for ladies. Warf tablets can increase inr. If your count is between 1.5 to 2 then uou can take warf 6 after consulting your doctor. For ladies after delivery inr may between 1.4 to 2 in some special cases. They can also take warf. They can feed their babys too.
  • Answer: Like the sun on holiday but a hundred times worse and u can get terribly Ill
  • Answer: An LD50 value of 17.5 milligrams would be considered far more dangerous than an LD50 value of 500 milligrams. The LD50 value for any drug or other chemical compound is the minimum lethal dose that kills 50% of test subjects (tests are usually conducted on rats and mice). Thus the lower the value, the more toxic the drug.
  • Answer: an extreme at either end of the pH scale is dangerous, but generally between 5.5-8.5 is safe, but really dont go pushing it
  • Answer: It is dangerous to be in the sun all day. If you want to apply sunscreen, make sure to apply it every hour or it will not work. The sun can damage your eye-sight. The sun also gives you headaches and sun burn. Too much sun burn causes skin cancer so make sure to wear lots of sunscreen. Also, drink alot of water all day to stay healthy. Water keeps you hidrated and gets rid of and prevents headaches. DRINK WATER :)
  • Answer: freon and 134 are in a closed space
  • Answer: Formula 1 is the extreme and dangerous sport. Formula 1 racers are playing a life and death game, which connot be called a sport.
  • Answer: not really, i eat raw eggs all the time. i usually take about 3, crack them in a cup, mix it up, and drink it. but i have to chase it with something because of the weird, kind of gross, taste it leaves. sure there is a risk associated, but hell everything is a risk. great protein/b12/B6 source.
  • Answer: some toys have lead or other materials that are poisenious in them so they can hurt little children who put food in you mouth.