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  • Answer: The Tetanus vaccine is given to babies as part of a three part series called DTaP. This shot includes the vaccine for diptheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis. After the three part series, the Tdap shot should be given every ten years as a booster. This shot again includes tetanus, diptheria and acellular pertussis, but contains smaller amounts of the last two. If you do not get the ten year boosters you should definitely get a tetanus shot if you have a severe rug burn, are cut by any type of metal (including, but not limited to: staples, nails, gates, etc.) or get soil in a wound.
  • Answer: It prevents developing things like "lock Jaw" when you are injured by cuts, dog bites and several other injuries that seriously break the skin. They recommend you have a tetanus shot every ten years especially if you are in a trade where minor injuries with metal cuts happen.
  • Answer: If you have not had a tetanus shot since 2005 you should get the new Tdap now.

    Otherwise you should routinely get an update every 10 years. You should get one if you have a deep cut or puncture wound and it has been more than 5 years since your previous booster.

    Of note, medicare does not pay for routine tetanus shots. It does cover them if there is a significant wound.

    The package insert says that they are safe in pregnancy but most obstetricians prefer to wait until after delivery to give them.
  • Answer: The tetanus shot is for...
    • One shot you need to enter middle school
    • A shot you get about every ten years
    • To avoid getting lockjaw ( you get this when you get cut with something rusty and it enters you bloodstream)

  • Answer: Usually about 10 years, but it depends on if the cut is very dirty.... If you get hurt on a nail about 5 years....
  • Answer: As I understand, there is no last required tetanus shot. The vaccinations for tetanus are administered every ten years after the age of 6 years old. Before the age of six years old, a tetanus and diptheria vaccination is given when one is an infant, I believe.Exception is when one experiences in particular a deep would. If this occurs, a tetanus vaccination is given as what is called post-exposure prophylaxis. What that means is that the vaccination for tetanus is given due to the possibility that, due to the wound, one may have been exposed to the bacteria that causes the disease of tetanus.After the tetanus vaccination is given, it may take up to two weeks for the formulation of antibodies to prevent acquiring the disease of tetanus.
  • Answer: Emil von Behring did.
  • Answer: Adults are usually given vaccines in their upper arm; unless, their arms are too thin.
    And, babies are given most vaccines in their upper thighs at least, until they are walking.
    However, as long as the buttock has enough muscle adults should be fine, but you should check with a healthcare provider to be sure!
    BTW, tetanus shots can cause some discomfort or even be painful at the injection site.
  • Answer: Anything can be toxic if you take enough of it.

    For tetanus shots it would be very difficult barring a crazy person intentionally injecting huge amounts.
  • Answer: Three years. 
  • Answer: I was looking to find this out for myself, but cant find anything on it!! I got a shot today, and just took a xanax without thinking about it first. Too we shall see. I did tell the dr. i was taking Xanax before the shot, so i would have thought she would have said something.
  • Answer: I got mine on my shoulder and arm
  • Answer: bff Jill

How soon should you get a tetanus shot after a puncture wound?

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