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  • Answer: Not at all. Powerlifting is about lifting a weight once and it is therefore a pure strength sport.
  • Answer: SWIMMING.
    not only do you have to keep pushing it on your entire body, you also have to get up early and not eat any junk at an early age.. talk about endurance and committment>.>
  • Answer: the test would be a physical game like rugby league or union but to test it it takes alot of practise
  • Answer: swimming, jogging, jumping rope...etc. Something that is related to health of heart, lungs, and blood.
  • Answer: many sports where you have to work certain muscles repetitively using the same amount of energy with each force against resistance. long distance sports such as cycling, marathon running and swimming are all muscular endurance activities. however, sports such as football and rugby where you have to be able to control your endurance for a certain period of time, require this, as you will be constantly running.
  • Answer: Wrestling is a great example of an organized sport that has a lotof muscular endurance. A few of my friends that wrestle say that itis one of the most difficult, endurance requiring sports they haveexperienced.
  • Answer: Clearly this question is stupid because muscle is needed for most things and close to every sport envolves your muscles if you didnt have muscular endurance you could not play sports and you would be on a bed at the hospital while they try to feed you some meat.
  • Answer: Any Sport basically, such as Basketball and also in Running :)
  • Answer: There are basically two types of muscle fibers in our bodies that we have voluntary control over. One is called "red" muscle, and the other is called "white". Red muscle fibers have the ability to perform work over longer periods of time without fatigue. White muscle fibers are able to work hard, but for a shorter period of time than red fibers. An endurance athlete will have exercised his or her red muscle fibers (through long exercise sessions), so that they grow stronger and bigger. This means that their body will have the ability to do work for much longer than a person who only exercises for shorter periods (and exercises their white muscle fibers).
  • Answer: Muscular endurance is a phrase used to describe how much a personcan do with their muscles. This is referred to while a person isrunning or walking and while lifting weights.
  • Answer: Muscular endurance is the ability of having your own muscle contracting continuously for a long period of time.
  • Answer:
    1. Train using objective measurements instead of just running at whatever pace you feel like for however long you want
    2. Push yourself to run farther or longer every couple of days
    3. Use an altitude tent to increase your red blood cell count

    #1 and #2 are more traditional and cost effective but if you have the money #3 can help a lot. Top professional athletes use altitude tents to increase stamina and improve endurance.
  • Answer: Non-endurance sports are those sports which do not require a great deal of endurance.

What forms of endurance training other then aerobic endurance are involved in sport?

  • strength endurance is also another factor, enduring a specific load for a specific time.

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