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  • Answer: Necrophilia is what this sexual attraction is called. It isclassified as a paraphilia by the American Psychiatric Associationgroup.
  • Answer: When large numbers of people have died from contagious disease, as happened during the great plagues, the dead bodies are a disease risk.

    However, when large number of people have died from a cause other than disease, such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, etc., the bodies are not an immediate disease risk. If they are permitted to putrefy near sources of drinking water, they may eventually increase the risk of waterborne disease, but this is not a risk that requires immediate, emergency mass burials if alternatives will soon become available..
  • Answer: You should use gloves, tongs, etc. and try to avoid any contact with any dead animal.

    Many have various external parasites (ticks, fleas, mites, etc.) who will be looking for a new home. If you get too close, you may well end up as their next host.

    Some may have other diseases that you can get by touching them - ringworm comes to mind, as does pink eye, mange, etc. Still, its best to avoid the risk.

    Odds are that you are young and healthy and as long as you washed your hands, you will be fine.
  • Answer: Inhalation of the fumes of a decaying, fermenting corpse may cause serious brain damage when exposed to over long periods of time. First signs of brain damage include hallucinations, headaches, and a bleeding anus. If exposure continues, dilation of pupils, increased respiration and tachycardia begin. this is just odd.
  • Answer: no, absolutly not, your chickens might get sick
  • Answer: Proably due to a GFCI breaker located in an outlet either in the bathroom or on the same circuit, possibly in another room like the kitchen or other bathroom. You will see the button on the outlet....
  • Answer: Well, you are technically correct in saying that there is no such thing as being illegally dead, although in some states, committing suicide is illegal. I know, how can the dead person be charged with a crime against themselves. Who knows....
    A person has to be declared "legally dead" for many reasons. You have to declare somebody as dead so that nobody can vote, or collect social security benefits in their name.
  • Answer: Rats chew 28.88 minutes a day on something. Their teeth grow 4 to 6 inches a years. The bite pressure in a rats jaw 24,000 psi, harder than steel. Spray down with Rataway Fragrance to protect, car engines, cables, stored food, business, homes. 25% of all attic fires are caused by rodents. Use Rataway Fragrance to remove odors and stop damage caused by rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons. No more nesting, no more chewing. Go to Rataway. com for more details. Rataway Fragrance is non-toxic & non-poisonous
  • Answer: if they can fit it in their mouth, absolutely
  • Answer: the best way getting rid of mice
    *is to put glue mats where the holes are.
    * get mothballs which they hate the smell of.
  • Answer: Yes, rats can get the hiccups. Rats do not have a gag reflex, which prevents them from burping, vomiting etc. Hiccups, however, are the result of a muscle spasm in the diaphragm. Rat hiccups are silent. Your rat may sit still and appear to be twitching much in the same way that humans hiccup.
  • Answer: White House in D.C.
  • Answer: Here are a few:

    • Bubonic plague.
    • Classical swine fever. It is not swine flu, and only hogs/boars get it.
    • Foot and mouth disease - mainly affects livestock, but humans can get it.
    • Yersinia pestis infection - possibly the cause for the Black Death plague.

  • Answer: The scret to get rats out of your garage is peanut butter.I perfer peanut butter because rats and mice smell it the best,and they will start eating it and then you will have your mouse trap or what ever you got to catch it,and then the rat will be dead.

Can dead rats cause disease?

  • yes

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