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  • Answer: transplant = Transparent Plant = See-through PlantTransplant-to transfer one part of the body (an organ, a tissue, etc.) to another part of your body, or from one person or animal to another person or animal.
  • Answer: my husband has been living wiv the fact that he is loosing his eye condition is called keratoconus! he has had this for ten years.he connot see in daylight,many times he has fallen.i have a 50inch plasma tv which he sits jus next to it.he cannot wright anything as he connot see.driving is out ov the question.he sit at home as he carnt go out as he cannot see cars or cross the road.he wants to go for a transplant?wot do u think has he a good chance?
  • Answer: Dec. 23, 1954, the first successful long-term transplant of a human organ was performed by Dr. Joseph Murray in Boston. It was a kidney transplant between identical twins, Ronald and Richard Herrick. Richard died in 1962 from a recurrence of his original kidney disease in the transplanted kidney.

    December 3, 1967, South African surgeon Christiaan Barnard conducted the first heart transplant on 53-year-old Lewis Washkansky. He died 8 days later from complications of the medications to suppress his immune system.
  • Answer: Yes, lung transplants are possible.
  • Answer: The first organ transplant occurred in 1954, when Ronald Lee Herrick donated one of his kidneys to his brother, Richard. The surgery was led by Dr. Joseph Murray, who later won a Nobel prize for developing the surgical technique regarding kidney transplants. The surgery took place in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Answer: The best time to transplant tulips is in Autum, so it is before the freezing winds come in and after the flowers are done blooming. After the bulbs are done blooming in the Spring, you dig them up and take them inside for summer.
  • Answer: If a kidney does not work properly, some patients areput on dialysis, a machine that will do the work of the kidneys -filtering germs and other things from the body. Other times, peoplereceive a kidney transplant. This is when the kidney of someoneelse is put into your body to work for you.
  • Answer: No.

    Cancerous tissue can be cut out (often completely - sometimes not) and the throat reconstructed but it cannot be transplanted.
  • Answer: The transplant that is performed most often in the United States isa kidney transplant. A kidney transplant is performed on patientswith kidney failure.
  • Answer: A transplant card is an identification card carried by a patient who has undergone an organ transplant. They provide specific information which a treating physician should know if the patient is unable to speak for him or herself.
  • Answer: The first successful organ to be transplanted was a kidney. In 1954, a man donated one of his kidneys to his twin brother.
  • Answer: replacing a faulty organ (eg a diseased heart) with a healthy one provided by a donor
  • Answer: yes, but its better to wait until its proven successful.

What is the most common tissue transplant?

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